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How To Spell tore?

Correct spelling: tore

What are the misspellings for tore ?

  • storu,
  • toterry,
  • toawrd,
  • tjhrough,
  • tommrw,
  • tarife,
  • topray,
  • leture,
  • topary,
  • thoery,
  • natyre,
  • treee,
  • futre,
  • detore,
  • trobe,
  • tier3,
  • twere,
  • tobe,
  • torure,
  • trbie,
  • kore,
  • ture,
  • talore,
  • doree,
  • tier1,
  • torne,
  • tuomr,
  • tomareo,
  • toura,
  • teori,
  • motore,
  • liture,
  • sotre,
  • torugh,
  • takre,
  • motre,
  • toevery,
  • tohear,
  • turjey,
  • storae,
  • tureky,
  • trofeo,
  • dore,
  • torgue,
  • ttrue,
  • tenire,
  • beture,
  • tigre,
  • tarek,
  • piture,
  • trhey,
  • tre,
  • tora,
  • ou're,
  • poture,
  • toffe,
  • toired,
  • tiere,
  • futere,
  • toghere,
  • toread,
  • toher,
  • how're,
  • nore,
  • tyher,
  • geture,
  • teror,
  • natore,
  • tjere,
  • thatre,
  • turet,
  • gutare,
  • dtory,
  • torrow,
  • toture,
  • tortore,
  • tier2,
  • truue,
  • toheir,
  • terrer,
  • storei,
  • featore,
  • trouw,
  • touke,
  • dowrey,
  • storie,
  • storre,
  • yoo're,
  • toro,
  • todie,
  • tove,
  • tehri,
  • foture,
  • dihorea,
  • votre,
  • trhee,
  • thodore,
  • tehory,
  • tere,
  • tortue.

What is the definition of tore?

  1. The dead grass that remains on mowing land in winter and spring.


thunder; little hills
Tore as a boy's name is a variant of Thor (Old Norse) and Torrence (Irish, Gaelic), and the meaning of Tore is "thunder; little hills".

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This graph shows how "tore" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for tore?

  1. I tore myself away from the safe comfort of certainties through my love for truth- and truth rewarded me.
  2. I did my work slowly, drop by drop. I tore it out of me by pieces.
  3. I thought I had to show all my stuff and I almost tore the boards of the grandstand with my fastball.

What are the rhymes for tore?

  1. laure, outscore, orr, cohr, offshore, drawer, implore, dorr, nor, ngor, yore, dore, store, restore, inshore, gabor, deplore, m4, explore, cor, ore, or, d'or, schnorr, boer, mohr, hoar, dior, gorr, gore, lore, hardcore, saur, score, sor, scor, lenore, fore, sedor, ignore, laur, roar, mor, glore, torre, timor, mazor, shore, floor, chore, goar, snore, igor, thor, morr, swore, postwar, senor, prewar, porr, your, more, warr, wore, flore, soar, bore, ohr, core, livor, rapport, oar, galore, flor, torr, loar, war, spore, sore, pour, lor, lahore, vore, four, underscore, tor, boar, corps, bohr, moore, nohr, glor, por, coar, door, pore, outpour, wor, corr;
  2. ashore, abhor, cat-4, bator, afore, adore, ador, before, c4, amour, decor;
  3. anymore, guarantor, livermore, heretofore, antiwar;

What are the translations for tore?

Afrikaans word for Tore


Bengali word for Tore

অর্ধবৃত্তাকার পার্শ্বচিত্রের মূর্তি.

German words for Tore

Riss, Tore.

Greek word for Tore


Hindi word for Tore


Japanese word for Tore


Javanese word for Tore


Malay word for Tore


Marathi word for Tore

फाडून टाकले.

Polish word for Tore


Portuguese word for Tore


Romanian word for Tore


Turkish word for Tore