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Correct spelling: Torrence


Torrence \t(o)-rren-ce, torr(e)-nce\

little hills
Torrence as a boy's name is pronounced TOR-ence. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Torrence is "little hills". Place name.
Related names:
Terrence, Tarrence.
Torry, Tore, Torence, Torin, Torr, Torrens, Torrance, Torrey, Torrin.

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Examples of usage for Torrence:

  1. It bore the inscription on the outer cover: " Brimfield Academy," and, below, in parenthesis, " William Torrence Foundation." "Left End Edwards" , Ralph Henry Barbour.
  2. What does 'William Torrence Foundation' mean, dad? "Left End Edwards" , Ralph Henry Barbour.
  3. " It means, as you will discover for yourself if you will take the trouble to read the catalogue, that a man named William Torrence gave the money to establish the school. "Left End Edwards" , Ralph Henry Barbour.

Rhymes for Torrence:

  1. abhorrence.
  2. dorrance, florance, florence, laurance, laurence, lawrance, lawrence, lorance, lorence, lowrance, torrance.
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