How To Spell total?

Correct spelling: total

What is the definition of total?

  1. a quantity obtained by addition

What does the abbreviation total mean?

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What are the rhymes for total?

  1. motile;
  2. immotile;
  3. anecdotal;

What are the translations for total?

Afrikaans word for Total


Arabic word for Total


Bengali word for Total


Chinese words for Total

总额, 总量, 共计, 整个.

Danish word for Total


Dutch words for Total

totaal, geheel, volledig, algeheel, volslagen.

French words for Total

complet, atteindre, parfait, absolu, plein, additionner, totaliser, se monter à, faire le total, faire la somme de.

German words for Total

gesamt, Summe, global, komplett, ganz, Gesamtheit, total, restlos, Gesamtbetrag, Ensemble, Gesamtsumme, Gesamtmenge, Gesamtzahl, Endbetrag, Endsumme.

Greek word for Total


Italian words for Total

assoluto, globale, somma, totale, complessivo, complessiva, intero.

Japanese words for Total

トータル, 総計, 全額, 通算, しめだか, 乄高, つうけい, そうけい, 通計, 〆る, 締高, ぜんがく, つうさん, るいさん, 全的, 締め高, 累算.

Malay word for Total


Polish words for Total

łączny, całkowity, ogólny, kompletny, sumaryczny, totalny, absolutny.

Spanish word for Total


Tamil word for Total


Turkish word for Total

Genel Toplam.