How To Spell touch?

Correct spelling: touch

What does the abbreviation touch mean?

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What are the rhymes for touch?

  1. bruch, dutch, buche, kutch, mutch, such, hutch, huch, clutch, much, crutch, tuch;
  2. nonesuch;

What are the translations for touch?

Afrikaans word for Touch


Arabic word for Touch


Dutch words for Touch

aanraking, raken, aanraken, beroeren, aantasten, tast, ontroeren, aanslag, aankomen, aantikken, aan zitten, bevoelen.

French words for Touch

affecter, concerner, toucher, contact, touche, brin, sentir, toucher à, se toucher, valoir.

German words for Touch

Ansatz, Anflug, Anschlag, anlangen, angreifen, Empfindung, Spur, Verbindung, anfassen, Hauch, Streifen, anschlagen, Kontakt, Berührung, Touch, an grenzen, antasten, leichter Anfall, Seitenaus, anrühren, anfühlen, befassen, betasten, Pointe.

Greek word for Touch


Italian words for Touch

tocco, contatto, tatto, pizzico, toccare.

Japanese words for Touch

触れ, 接触, 触れる, 感触, 手触り, 触る, 筆致, ふれ, 触り, 手ざわり, 触, 接する, 掠れる, ひっち, かんしょく, 中る, かねのむしん, 布令, さわる, そうほう, てざわり, 手を掛ける, まさぐる, せっする, 擦れる, 奏法, いじる.

Javanese word for Touch


Korean word for Touch


Malay word for Touch


Marathi word for Touch

स्पर्श करा.

Norwegian word for Touch


Polish words for Touch

akcent, dotyk, dotknięcie, dotknąć.

Portuguese words for Touch

comover, pitada, contato, tato, de toque, apalpar, pôr a mão em, táctil, tácteis, táteis, tátil.

Romanian word for Touch

a atinge.

Spanish words for Touch

nota, abordar, igualar, afectar, concernir, pista, tocar, probar, mencionar, pizca, referir, conmover, toque, emocionar, tacto, detalle, contacto, chispa, tocarse, rozar, sensibilizar, hacer contacto, manosear, poner la mano encima.

Swedish word for Touch


Tamil word for Touch


Turkish word for Touch


Ukrainian word for Touch


Vietnamese word for Touch

chạm vào.