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How To Spell tough?

Correct spelling: tough

What does the abbreviation tough mean?

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This graph shows how "tough" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for tough?

  1. duff, luff, slough, bluff, buff, fluff, gruff, snuff, rough, puff, cuff, tuff, pluff, huff, stuff, muff, guff, hough, ruf, scuff, ruff;
  2. rebuff, enough;

What are the translations for tough?

Arabic word for Tough


Chinese words for Tough

坚韧, 韧, 艮, 倔, 利害.

Dutch word for Tough


French words for Tough

difficiles, difficile, robuste, coriace, compliqué, grave, firme, lourd, robustes, ferme, tenace, ardu, solides.

German words for Tough

Dur, belastbar, hart, zäh, schwierig, robust, widerstandsfähig, solide, fest, schwer, stark, scharf, rau, strapazierfähig, knallhart, tough, taff, derb, hartnäckig, brutal, zählebig, Angel, rüde, fort, Tuff.

Italian word for Tough


Japanese words for Tough

タフ, がっしり, 骨っぽい, ごつい, 荒くれ男, あらくれおとこ, ほねっぽい, 不敵, 線が太い, ふてき, ぶらい, 無頼, せんがふとい, きょうじん.

Korean word for Tough


Malay word for Tough


Norwegian word for Tough


Polish words for Tough

mocny, trudny, odporny, silny, twardy, nieustępliwy.

Portuguese words for Tough

difícil, rígido, árduo, forte, rigoroso, fortes, rígidas, extremas, adversas, exigentes, durões, inflexível, drásticas, enérgicas.

Russian word for Tough


Spanish words for Tough

difícil, resistente, resistentes, duro, exigente, fuerte, severo, tenaz, fuertes, robusto, complicado, violento, difíciles, intransigentes.

Turkish word for Tough


Ukrainian word for Tough


Vietnamese word for Tough

gai góc.