How To Spell trace?

Correct spelling: trace

What does the abbreviation trace mean?


Trace as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Trace), is a variant of Tracy (Irish, Gaelic), and the meaning of Trace is "warlike".

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What are the rhymes for trace?

  1. glace, wace, race, case, grace, embrace, heyse, base, misplace, chace, pace, bass, face, ace, space, nace, mace, thrace, chase, dace, erase, caisse, lace, encase, vase, retrace, lambastes, brace, incase, cayce, replace, place;
  2. deface, abase, efface, debase, disgrace, apace, displace;
  3. interlace;

What are the translations for trace?

Chinese words for Trace

踪, 跟踪, 追查, 影踪, 描图, 追蹑, 印记, 印子.

Dutch words for Trace

afdruk, spoor, voetspoor.

French words for Trace

suivre, trace, localiser, retrouver, reconstituer, retracer, décalquer.

German words for Trace

Anflug, verfolgen, nachvollziehen, Spur, aufzeichnen, zeichnen, Hauch, Verfolgung, nachspüren, nachzeichnen, pausen, ausfindig machen, abpausen, nachziehen, Kurve, anzeichnen, Bildspur, Ablaufverfolgung, Einzelschritt-Fehlersuche, winzige Menge, Zugriemen, eine Spur verfolgen, durchpausen, einer Spur nachgehen, Tracer.

Hindi word for Trace


Italian words for Trace

traccia, tracciamento, accenno.

Japanese words for Trace

トレース, 痕跡, しょうせき, 事迹, はりす, 跡かた, 鉤素, 跡形, 事跡, あとづける, 証跡, 跡付ける, うつしとる, こんせき, 写す, あとかた, 面影, 跡方, 事蹟, ハリス, 写し取る.

Javanese word for Trace


Malay word for Trace


Marathi word for Trace


Polish words for Trace

spór, śledzenie, śladowy, iż.

Portuguese words for Trace

sinal, rasto, resquício.

Russian words for Trace

выходить на, отпечаток, найти, перерисовывать, обводить, засечь.

Spanish words for Trace

trazar, trazado, trazo, huella, rastro, rastrear, encontrar, seguir, averiguar, detectar, traza, resto, localizar, calcar, identificar, vestigio.

Swedish word for Trace