How To Spell trade?

Correct spelling: trade

What is the definition of trade?

  1. To exchange.

What does the abbreviation trade mean?

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What are the translations for trade?

Arabic word for Trade


Chinese words for Trade

交易, 经贸, 行业, 业界, 商业, 集贸, 经商, 捣弄, 贸易.

Dutch words for Trade

vak, handelen, ruilen, ruil, omruilen, beroep, handelsverkeer, omwisselen.

French words for Trade

affaires, commerce, reprise, métier, commercer, échanger, troquer, transaction, commerciale, artisanat, faire des opérations en Bourse, corps de métier.

German words for Trade

Abschluss, Stand, gewerblich, Branche, Gewerbe, Handel, Beruf, Gewerbebetrieb, tauschen, Fach, Sparte, Handeln, Trade, Handwerk, Handel treiben, Profession, eintauschen, Industrie, Berufsstand, Gewerk, Warenaustausch, Handelswesen, Wirtschaftszweig, Handwerksberuf, Geschäftszweig, Gewerbezweig, Geschäfte machen, einhandeln.

Greek word for Trade


Italian words for Trade

commercio, scambio, mestiere, traffico.

Japanese words for Trade

トレード, 売買, 通商, 交易, 商売, 売り買い, その道, ばいばい, ごし, 家業, そのみち, しょうほう, 互市, かぎょう, うりかい.

Malay word for Trade


Marathi word for Trade


Polish words for Trade

handlowy, zawód, handlować.

Portuguese words for Trade

negócio, comércio, indústria, intercâmbio, câmbio, negócios, trocas, tráfico, de comercialização, industriais, sectoriais, fazer negócios.

Russian words for Trade

торговля, сделка, ремесло, обменивать, обмениваться, торговать.

Spanish words for Trade

negociar, cambiar, comercio, oficio, industria, comerciar, cotizarse, comercial, negocios, sector, intercambiar, trabajo, arte, mercado, venda, trueque, clientela, gremio.

Tamil word for Trade


Turkish word for Trade


Ukrainian word for Trade