How To Spell training?

Correct spelling: training

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What are the translations for training?

Afrikaans word for Training


Arabic word for Training


Bengali word for Training


Chinese words for Training

培养, 集训, 培植, 修养, 薰陶, 培训.

Dutch words for Training

opleiding, oefening, scholing, bijscholing, bijscholing.

French words for Training

entraînement, cursus, enseignement, dressage, instruire.

German words for Training

Ausbildung, Training, Schulung, Fortbildung, Einarbeitung, trainieren, Weiterbildung, Dressur, Lehrgang, praktische Ausbildung, Ertüchtigung, Leibesübungen, Abrichtung, körperliche Ertüchtigung, Formation.

Hindi word for Training


Italian words for Training

formazione, allenamento, addestramento, preparazione, tirocinio.

Japanese words for Training

訓練, 養成, 講習, 修行, 鍛え, 鍛錬, 鍛練, しつけ, 教習, しゅうれん, きょうせい, 下馴し, 錬磨, 手馴らし, しゅう, しこみ, れんま, しゅうぎょう, 手慣し, 調練, 涵養, 手慣らし, 手馴し, きたえ, 練成, とうや, 仕込み, したならし, 匡正, 育生, きょういく, 御稽古, 陶冶, 修錬, 鍛成, れんせい.

Malay word for Training


Norwegian word for Training


Polish words for Training

szkolenie, kształcenie, trening, przeszkolenie.

Portuguese words for Training

formação, treinamento, de formação, treino, estudos, de treino, formativo, formativos, educativos.

Russian words for Training

обучение, стажировка, тренировка, учебный, тренинг, дрессировка, выучка, тренировочный.

Spanish words for Training

curso, formación, capacitación, entrenamiento, adiestramiento, amaestramiento.

Swedish word for Training


Ukrainian word for Training


Vietnamese word for Training

sự huấn luyện.