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How To Spell translate?

Correct spelling: translate

Definition of translate:

  1. make sense of a language; "She understands French"; "Can you read Greek?"

List of misspellings for translate:

  • transaltes,
  • transte,
  • transalated,
  • translateing,
  • transelate,
  • translatet,
  • tranlsated,
  • transluent,
  • granslate,
  • transaltor,
  • transpart,
  • transter,
  • transalater,
  • transquility,
  • transfat,
  • trensetter,
  • transleted,
  • translater,
  • transmet,
  • transfter,
  • transilvania,
  • tfanslate,
  • transrate,
  • translusant,
  • translusit,
  • translatin,
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  • transtate,
  • transfet,
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  • teanslate.

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Quotes for translate:

  1. I don't think we're going to save anything if we go around talking about saving plants and animals only; we've got to translate that into what's in it for us.
  2. Any man who does not have his inner world to translate is not an artist.
  3. You would be surprised how hard it often is to translate an action into thought.
  4. Improvisation is almost like the retarded cousin in the comedy world. We've been trying forever to get improvisation on TV. It's just like stand -up. It's best when it's just left alone. It doesn't translate always on TV. It's best live.
  5. An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Translations for translate:

Afrikaans word for Translate


Arabic word for Translate


Dutch words for Translate

overbrengen, vertalen, omzetten, overzetten.

French words for Translate

traduire, se traduire, transcrire.

German words for Translate

umsetzen, umwandeln, umrechnen.

Greek word for Translate


Italian word for Translate


Javanese word for Translate


Korean word for Translate


Malay word for Translate


Marathi word for Translate

अनुवाद करा.

Norwegian word for Translate


Polish word for Translate


Portuguese word for Translate


Romanian word for Translate

a traduce.

Spanish words for Translate

trasladar, convertir, traducir, traducirse, transformar.

Swedish word for Translate


Tamil word for Translate