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Correct spelling: travelled


Definition of travelled:

  1. Having made journeys; experienced.

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This graph shows how "travelled" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for travelled:

  1. " Well," thought John Smith, " life is over; I have travelled many a mile to come to this end. "The Princess Pocahontas" , Virginia Watson.
  2. I travelled a good deal buying up stock for him. "Second Shetland Truck System Report" , William Guthrie.
  3. And then the events of this story would have travelled a different road. "Somehow Good" , William de Morgan.

Quotes for travelled:

  1. I had travelled pretty widely around the world even before then, so I knew where to go to film wildlife. - Jim Fowler
  2. Ever since the 1860s when photographers travelled the American West and brought photographs of scenic wonders back to the people on the East Coast of America we have had a North American tradition of landscape photography used for the environment. - Galen Rowell
  3. You know, we travelled a lot when I was a kid because my father was wherever the work was. - Katey Sagal
  4. In one year I travelled 450, 000 miles by air. - Jackie Stewart
  5. I haven't travelled that much before so this is the first time I get to see the big cities of Europe. I've never even been to US. - Ville Valo

Rhymes for travelled:

  1. raveled, traveled.
  2. unraveled.
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