How To Spell tread?

Correct spelling: tread

What is the definition of tread?

  1. put down the foot, place the foot; "For fools rush in where angels fear to tread"

What does the abbreviation tread mean?

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What are the rhymes for tread?

  1. jed, stead, ned, ted, bed, dred, retread, zed, sled, shed, unwed, shred, spread, redd, ed, ged, red, bred, fled, med, sped, head, wed, freda, fred, unsaid, fed, pled, swed, dread, bread, widespread, reade, unread, said, dead, thread, led, wedd, read, lead, bled;
  2. behead, abed, purebred, embed, imbed, ahead, instead, adread, misled;
  3. overfed, overhead, biomed, thoroughbred, infrared, interbred;

What are the translations for tread?

Arabic word for Tread


Chinese words for Tread

胎面, 踏, 踩, 踯躅, 步态.

Dutch words for Tread

trede, stappen, treden, profiel, loopvlak, te werk gaan.

French words for Tread

marcher, pas, sculpture, chape, giron, fouler.

German words for Tread

Auftritt, auftreten, betreten, Stufe, Profil, Schritt, schreiten, treten, beschreiten, zertreten, Lauffläche, Tritt, Reifenprofil, Trittfläche, Schienenlauffläche.

Greek word for Tread


Italian word for Tread


Javanese word for Tread


Korean word for Tread


Marathi word for Tread


Portuguese words for Tread

esmagar, percorrer, esmigalhar, trilhar, pisar em, copular, palmilhar.

Russian word for Tread


Spanish words for Tread

paso, huella, dibujo, pisar, suela, trampa, banda de rodamiento, rodadura, hollar, andar, banda de rodadura.

Tamil word for Tread


Turkish word for Tread


Ukrainian word for Tread