How To Spell Tremaine?

Correct spelling: Tremaine

 \t-remai-ne, tr(e)-maine\

town built with stone
Tremaine as a boy's name is a variant of Tremain (Celtic), and the meaning of Tremaine is "town built with stone".
  • Trumaine,
  • Tramaine,
  • Tremayne.

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What are the usage examples for Tremaine?

  1. 53. Ward, Plumer, author of " Tremaine iv. – A History of the Four Georges, Volume I (of 4) by Justin McCarthy
  2. She is spending a few days with Miss Tremaine was the clear and satisfactory reply. – Hand and Ring by Anna Katharine Green
  3. " Miss Tremaine repeated the latter, musingly. – Hand and Ring by Anna Katharine Green

What are the rhymes for Tremaine?

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