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How To Spell trey?

Correct spelling: trey

Definition of trey:

  1. one of four playing cards in a deck having three pips

List of misspellings for trey:

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Trey as a boy's name is pronounced tray. It is of Middle English origin, and the meaning of Trey is "three". The name derives from the world of gaming, in which a three in cards, dice or dominoes is called a "trey". May also be a variant of Traigh (Irish) "strand". Actor Trey Hunt.

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James Lewis "Trey" Lunsford is a former baseball catcher who last played in the San Francisco Giants farm system with the Double-A Norwich Navigators. Lunsford attended Central High School in San Angelo, Texas.

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Quotes for trey:

  1. I like to be sort of grounded with Fish. But, at the same time, I think probably what's unique about us is the way other dynamics happen, where I'll play off Trey for awhile. When we start playing a jam, I don't usually know what's going to happen, I don't have a plan.
  2. Last tour my bass rig was breaking down every other night. That was a pain. We would get on stage and Trey would count off the song, and I'd play the first note and nothing would be there. Those guys would just roll their eyes.

Rhymes for trey:

  1. raye, wey, clay, ne, jay, drey, wy, waye, lay, brae, ca, sleigh, tae, hay, yay, wei, blay, spray, way, may, mei, say, daye, vey, rae, bey, bay, weigh, de, tay, lei, klay, gaye, nay, slay, whey, graye, sway, gray, faye, wray, sta, tray, se, maye, fray, fay, gway, dey, prey, stay, mey, pray, hey, frey, bray, quay, brey, lait, rey, ae, neigh, haye, grey, flay, kaye, ley, hwe, ney, shea, k, nej, pei, re, mae, dae, paye, cay, ray, saye, j, yea, kay, khe, quai, cray, fe, dray, che, day, stray, jae, play, shay, they, sze, jaye, pay, ay, fey;
  2. chalet, ga, repay, soiree, bouquet, filet, astray, away, portray, dismay, souffle, olay, delay, allay, convey, orsay, gervais, sergei, delray, da, halfway, fillet, calais, manet, passe, survey, mccrea, display, nisei, cafe, sorbet, monet, ballet, hurray, macrae, prepay, hervey, renee, ek, beauvais, beret, carre, millay, o'shea, rene, dk, risque, oj, okay, valet, cliche, abbe, levey, ha, array, essay, toupee, defray, croquet, jose, buffet, puree, cathay, mckay, b-j, betray, crochet, cache, bombay, hooray, mackay, moray, today, parquet, dossier, decay, obey, ole, nikkei, mcveigh, belay, replay, purvey, saute, asay;
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lá bài ba nút.