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How To Spell Trow?

Correct spelling: Trow

Definition of Trow:

  1. A boat with an open well amidships. It is used in spearing fish.

List of misspellings for Trow:

  • thruow,
  • tro,
  • troch,
  • arow,
  • drovw,
  • droor,
  • teori,
  • trugh,
  • tmrw,
  • ptero,
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What does the abbreviation Trow mean?

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The Church of Holy Trinity is an Anglican church on Bell Hill in Stapleton, Bristol, England. It has been designated as a grade II* listed building. It was built in 1857 by John Norton, in a gothic revival style, with a spire which reaches 52 metres. It is believed that a church has occupied this site for at least 500 years. The rebuilding of the church was funded by James Henry Monk, Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. Pennant stone from the local Broom Hill quarry, was used in the construction, with Bath Stone dressings. It has a three-bay chancel and five-bay nave. Inside the church is a font in the West porch dates from around 1000 AD. There is also a Victorian ornate font with a cover, which was imported from another church. The organ, by Vowles of Bristol was installed in the 1970s. There is a stained glass window dating from 1887 which was made by Charles Eamer Kempe.

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Sir Edward William Salt was a Conservative Member of Parliament for the Birmingham Yardley constituency from 1931 to 1945. He was the son of Ashton Trow Salt, a surgical instrument maker in Aston, and his wife Emily.

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Rhymes for Trow:

  1. inco, bestow, cro, turbot, truffaut, tho, poe, eau, mow, doe, tso, stow, crow, outgrow, sow, sew, sgro, rondeau, plateau, noe, renaud, strow, au, so-so, snow, cloe, margaux, sloe, roe, joh, koh, doh, oh, chateau, woe, yoh, low, monroe, gau, uno, pro, luo, fro, dough, though, devaux, hoh, gogh, kyo, glow, tyo, bow, bordeaux, lo, co, flo, quo, loh, beau, slow, nouveau, grow, ko, tow, escrow, forego, giraud, zoh, below, cousteau, mau, blow, perot, go, ow, whoa, rho, so, tableau, goh, undergo, glo, stowe, escoe, tallyho, goe, boe, munro, aux, papo, cabo, lowe, tableaux, roh, yau, hello, row, plough, toe, nau, peugeot, kowtow, flow, bro, forgo, chateaux, beaux, joe, poh, loew, owe, jo, floe, ngo, coe, thibault, rouleau, foe, rowe, vo, thoreau, bo, chau, yo, noh, show, ho, gro, know, loe, bowe, gloe, tarot, hoe, mo, cho, throw, kayo, bio, rideau, o', yoe, wo, moe, ro, loewe, marceau, dau, defoe;
  2. renault, arnault, miro, although, arnaud, pernod, ago, aglow;
  3. apropos, eeo, overflow, ivo, imo, taekwondo;
  4. celo;

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Tamil word for Trow

நினைத்துப் பார்.