How To Spell tuition?

Correct spelling: tuition

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What are the usage examples for tuition?

  1. Getting the four children fitted out for school and paying a quarter's tuition in advance has reduced me to a condition of financial weakness which fills me with the gloomiest apprehension. – Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions by Slason Thompson

What are the translations for tuition?

Afrikaans word for Tuition


French words for Tuition

cours, frais de scolarité, cours particulier.

German words for Tuition

Unterrichtung, Unterricht, Schulgeld, Unterweisung, Unterrichtsgebühr.

Hindi word for Tuition


Italian word for Tuition


Javanese word for Tuition


Korean word for Tuition

(개인) 교수.

Malay word for Tuition


Polish word for Tuition


Portuguese words for Tuition

mensalidade, ensino.

Spanish words for Tuition

clases, colegiatura.

Swedish word for Tuition


Vietnamese word for Tuition

sự giảng dạy.