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How To Spell turn?

Correct spelling: turn

What are the misspellings for turn ?

  • turnoil,
  • futurn,
  • atturny,
  • reaturn,
  • turnt,
  • atourny,
  • torney,
  • turjey,
  • torwn,
  • rerturn,
  • ternd,
  • tunne,
  • turnin,
  • turnner,
  • turnn,
  • tenur,
  • tourny,
  • durng,
  • turth,
  • tturned,
  • furni,
  • tunr,
  • ourn,
  • ternm,
  • tearn,
  • autunn,
  • turny,
  • retourn,
  • tunnal,
  • attourny,
  • ture,
  • turnne,
  • pttern,
  • tucan,
  • tworn,
  • tuyrn,
  • turt,
  • tournie,
  • tourns,
  • turp,
  • turs,
  • retuern,
  • turnd,
  • turnb,
  • aturney,
  • rurn,
  • turnup,
  • tyhen,
  • tuenti,
  • tunra,
  • rturn,
  • taryn,
  • lturn,
  • turnng,
  • tunnig,
  • turgor,
  • retuurn,
  • surten,
  • tirng,
  • quarn,
  • trune,
  • taune,
  • trun,
  • paturn,
  • trurn,
  • tougne,
  • reeturn,
  • turnado,
  • turnign,
  • turng,
  • turmn,
  • thrn,
  • curtan,
  • durtin,
  • tubin,
  • leurn,
  • tucon,
  • rreturn,
  • reuturn,
  • turen,
  • tuson,
  • turnet,
  • outn,
  • toura,
  • hurn,
  • turn,
  • toucn,
  • tuen,
  • lurn,
  • turky,
  • truu,
  • torne,
  • turke,
  • turnon,
  • motern,
  • turk,
  • durnk,
  • forturn,
  • turb,
  • tyran.

What does the abbreviation turn mean?

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What are the quotes for turn?

  1. I wasn't even 20 at the time, but it taught me something about drugs. They can take a good man, a warm, funny, loving family man, and turn him into a loser and worse.
  2. You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it.
  3. Anytime I switch to another instrument, I immediately turn it into another kind of drum so that I can understand it better.
  4. Why would Senator Allen want to oppose saving money for the state? It's simply another example of Republicans fighting the governor tooth and nail against any measure where she might be able to turn the state's budget around.
  5. Well, to take me from where I was, and the life I was leading, to the life I lead now with the church and with the Lord and with Jesus Christ, it's a total, total turn -around.

What are the rhymes for turn?

  1. hearne, dern, stern, burne, verne, churn, yearn, kearn, durn, hern, fern, berne, herne, stearne, byrne, hearn, kern, bern, sterne, hurn, earn, spurn, stearn, vern, burn, cern, urn, learn, erne;
  2. sauterne, ahearn, adjourn, concern, return, upturn, discern, aherne, laverne, ahern;
  3. unconcern;

What are the translations for turn?

Afrikaans word for Turn


Arabic word for Turn


Chinese words for Turn

打开, 拐, 转动, 转弯, 掉向, 转捩.

Dutch words for Turn

veranderen, draai, wending, draaien, keren, worden, keer, afslaan, afslag, beurt, bocht, bederven, omdraaien, formuleren, ommezwaai, omwenteling, verzuren, omzetten, omkeren, draaiing, gisten, ronddraaien, tollen, van richting veranderen, woelen, ombuigen, duizelen, omspitten, omleiden, omtrekken, doen draaien, omploegen, van kleur veranderen, kenteren, zwenking, keerpunt, kromming.

French words for Turn

tournant, changer, occasion, enrouler, tourner, devenir, retourner, virage, tournure, se tourner, changer de direction, entortiller, virer, se retourner, faire demi-tour.

German words for Turn

umsetzen, Reihenfolge, Tendenz, Neigung, Anfall, umschlagen, umlegen, drehen, Hang, Wende, Wendung, Runde, Spazierfahrt, umdrehen, herumdrehen, umwenden, Kurve, biegen, Drehung, abbiegen, sich drehen, Umdrehung, Tour, Windung, umbiegen, Wegbiegung, rotieren, Spaziergang, Rotation, Drall, wenden, sich umdrehen, abdrehen, Drehbewegung, Wendekurve, Handelsgewinn, Doppelschlag, Torsion, Coup.

Italian words for Turn

svolta, virata, piega.

Japanese words for Turn

ターン, 回す, 回る, 順, まわす, 廻す, 一転, まわる, 捏ねくり回す, りんばん, いってん, こねくり回す, なげかける, ずん, 輪番, こねくりまわす, 廻る, 逸れること.

Javanese words for Turn

Belok, Nguripake.

Norwegian word for Turn


Polish words for Turn

przełom, skręt, obrót, ruch, zwrot, zakręt, tura.

Portuguese words for Turn

câmbio, volta, virar, dobrar, azedar, viragem.

Russian words for Turn

очередь, поворот, поворачивать, переворачивать, оборот, черёд, становиться, поворачиваться, вращаться, переворачиваться, выворачивать наизнанку, кружиться, пускать в обращение.

Spanish words for Turn

pasar, ponerse, dirigir, cambio, turno, giro, salida, comportamiento, desviar, mudar, volver, oportunidad, rodar, curva, doblar, torcer, viraje, vuelta, cariz, espira, susto, girar, convertir, vez, calle, virada.

Vietnamese word for Turn

sự quay.