How To Spell Tye?

Correct spelling: Tye

What does the abbreviation Tye mean?


Tye as a boy's name is a variant of Ty (English).

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What are the usage examples for Tye?

  1. But he answers that Objection by a Story of Monsieur de Sully's telling of H. 4th of France: let the States raise the Money, and tye it as they please; when they are dissolved, you may dispose of it as you please. – His Majesties Declaration Defended by John Dryden

What are the rhymes for Tye?

  1. nigh, sky, why, tae, bly, wai, fye, vi, cry, fae, sai, fly, pi, chi, shy, my, pye, kwai, ai, pie, cy, gae, phi, bligh, cai, wy, try, sri, by, lai, tie, shai, ly, pri, fry, fi, bye, brye, chae, lxi, tsai, ngai, yie, chai, bae, spy, rye, aye, kai, kyi, pry, hi, ty, eye, jai, lye, dye, dai, tai, vy, mei, vie, nie, keye, sci, thai, frye, sty, lie, sy, thy, hy, dry, thigh, pae, wry, wye, flye, mai, buy, psi, bi, die, ply, pty, spry, high, ay, sly, phy, guy, gyi, sigh, nye;
  2. defy, versailles, deny, imai, nearby, good-bye, ally, decry, brunei, descry, comply, imply, shanghai, alai, untie, july, belie, goodbye, hi-fi, supply, rely, hereby, thereby, whereby, dubai, standby, iwai, kanai, reply, apply, awry, uy, retry, mihai, bye-bye, bonsai, mcfly;
  3. overfly, underlie, dui, misapply, resupply;
  4. oversupply, isty, cspi;
  5. dwi;

What are the translations for Tye?

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