How To Spell ugly?

Correct spelling: ugly

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What does the abbreviation ugly mean?

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This graph shows how "ugly" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for ugly?

  1. snugly, smugly;

What are the translations for ugly?

Afrikaans word for Ugly


Arabic word for Ugly


Bengali word for Ugly


Chinese words for Ugly

娸, 媁, 歪瓜劣枣, 歪瓜裂枣, 噅, 丑陋的.

Dutch word for Ugly


French words for Ugly

sinistre, horrible, vilain, laid, moche, abominable, hideux, inquiétante.

German words for Ugly

gemein, brutto, widerlich, unansehnlich, abstoßend, schiech.

Hindi word for Ugly


Japanese words for Ugly

醜い, みにくい, 見苦しい, ブサイク, かっこうわるい, 見憎い, かっこ悪い, みぐるしい, 醜怪, 格好悪い, ぶさいく, かっこわるい, 格好の悪い, かっこうのわるい.

Malay word for Ugly


Polish word for Ugly


Portuguese words for Ugly

repugnante, perigoso, feio, repulsiva, péssima, inestéticos.

Russian words for Ugly

уродливый, мерзкий, безобразный, некрасивый, гадкий.

Spanish words for Ugly

espantoso, desagradable, feo, horrendo, odioso, ofensivo.

Swedish words for Ugly

stygg, ful.

Turkish word for Ugly


Ukrainian word for Ugly


Vietnamese word for Ugly

xấu xí.