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Correct spelling: ultimately

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What is the definition of ultimately?

  1. In the end.

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What are the translations for ultimately?

Afrikaans word for Ultimately


Arabic word for Ultimately


Bengali word for Ultimately


French words for Ultimately

enfin, finalement, à la fin, fondamentalement, ultimement, suprêmement, au bout du compte.

German words for Ultimately

endlich, schlussendlich, letztlich, ultimativ, letztmalig.

Italian word for Ultimately


Japanese word for Ultimately


Javanese word for Ultimately


Malay word for Ultimately


Polish word for Ultimately


Portuguese words for Ultimately

finalmente, em última instância, derradeiramente, no final de contas.

Spanish words for Ultimately

en última instancia, a la larga, en el fondo, absolutamente, principalmente, máximamente, ultimadamente, a fin de cuentas, en último término, extremamente, fundamentalmente.

Swedish word for Ultimately


Vietnamese word for Ultimately

cuối cùng thì.