How To Spell umbrella?

Correct spelling: umbrella

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What are the usage examples for umbrella?

  1. Suddenly there was a cry from below, " The gentleman has forgot his umbrella – Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists by Washington Irving
  2. Besides, if we're going to have a storm, an umbrella is just the article to bring the lightning down on my head. – The Devil's Garden by W. B. Maxwell
  3. Norah pulled away the umbrella hastily, as though she would now have fought to the death rather than let him have it. – The Devil's Garden by W. B. Maxwell

What are the rhymes for umbrella?

  1. leola, dela, cela, ela, mella, nela, bela, lelah, vella, stella, sela, cella, fela, della, sella, tele, ella, pella, nella, fella, rella, bella, vela;
  2. rubella, brunella, mandela, estrella, michaella, corella, rotella, martella, cappella, fenella, marbella, patella, rozella, romella, abella, fredella, louella, madella, prunella, michaela, donella, sabella, viyella, loella, finella, mirella, capella, orela, parnella, gisella, abdella, novella, sadella, rochella, flagella, danella, labella, marsella, marvella, arbella, janella, daniela, carmela, odella, pamella, marella, morella, candela, favela, adela, gazella, agnella, ardella, samella, pernella, cornela, daniella, rosella, parella, luella, marcella, marcela, estella;
  3. ariella, fiorella, arabella, cinderella, salmonella, petronella, gabriella, annabella, samuela, isabella, mirabella, citronella, gabriela;

What are the translations for umbrella?

Afrikaans word for Umbrella


Arabic word for Umbrella


French words for Umbrella

parapluie, parasol, égide, ombrelle, pébroc.

German words for Umbrella

global, Schirm, Regenschirm.

Italian word for Umbrella


Javanese word for Umbrella


Korean word for Umbrella


Portuguese word for Umbrella


Spanish words for Umbrella

coordinador, sombrilla, paraguas, de paraguas, aglutinador.

Swedish word for Umbrella