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Spell Check of unceasing

Correct spelling: unceasing

Definition of unceasing:

  1. Not ceasing; continual; uninterrupted.

Common misspellings for unceasing:

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Examples of usage for unceasing:

  1. But how without Heaven's unceasing aid would he have strength to keep such a vow? – The Devil's Garden by W. B. Maxwell

Quotes for unceasing:

  1. Only Socrates knew, after a lifetime of unceasing labor, that he was ignorant. Now every high -school student knows that. How did it become so easy?
  2. Art is the unceasing effort to compete with the beauty of flowers- and never succeeding.
  3. All, all is theft, all is unceasing and rigorous competition in nature; the desire to make off with the substance of others is the foremost- the most legitimate- passion nature has bred into us and, without doubt, the most agreeable one.
  4. To -day it appears as though it may well be altogether abolished in the future as it has to some extent been mitigated in the past by the unceasing, and as it now appears, unlimited ascent of man to knowledge, and through knowledge to physical power and dominion over Nature.