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How To Spell uncommon?

Correct spelling: uncommon

What are the common mistypes for uncommon ?

  • unvommon,
  • umcommon,
  • yncommon,
  • unclmmon,
  • uncommin,
  • unfommon,
  • unxommon,
  • ubcommon,
  • 8ncommon,
  • uncpmmon,
  • unckmmon,
  • jncommon,
  • unc9mmon,
  • uncimmon,
  • uncommkn,
  • unc0mmon,
  • unconmon,
  • undommon,
  • uhcommon,
  • uncomjon,
  • uncokmon,
  • uncomkon,
  • hncommon,
  • uncomnon,
  • ujcommon,
  • uncojmon,
  • 7ncommon.

What is the definition of uncommon?

  1. Not common; unusual; infrequent; rare; hence, remarkable; strange; as, an uncommon season; an uncommon degree of cold or heat; uncommon courage.

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What are the rhymes for uncommon?

  1. rahman, aman, common, raman;

What are the translations for uncommon?

Arabic word for Uncommon


Chinese word for Uncommon


Dutch word for Uncommon


French words for Uncommon

extraordinaire, rare, inhabituel, rares, atypique, peu commun, peu fréquent, peu ordinaire.

German words for Uncommon

verschieden, selten, ungewohnt, Nadir, anormal.

Greek word for Uncommon


Japanese words for Uncommon

稀有, 俊抜, しゅんばつ, 並々ならぬ, 希有, ふぼん, 並並ならぬ, 並み並みならぬ, なみなみならぬ, 不凡, 稀世, ひとなみはずれた, 人並み外れた.

Norwegian word for Uncommon


Polish word for Uncommon

niezbyt często.

Portuguese words for Uncommon

extraordinário, incomum.

Romanian word for Uncommon

mai puțin frecvente.

Russian word for Uncommon


Spanish words for Uncommon

raro, especial, infrecuente, inusual, inusitado, inhabitual, infrecuentes.

Swedish word for Uncommon

mindre vanliga.

Tamil word for Uncommon