How To Spell uncontrolled?

Correct spelling: uncontrolled

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What is the definition of uncontrolled?

  1. Not governed or restrained; unopposed.

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This graph shows how "uncontrolled" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for uncontrolled?

  1. She tried to restrain her tears, but they burst forth with sobs more wild and uncontrolled and at last they had their effect upon the old man, whose wild stare passed off, and, rising painfully in his seat, he glared at the door and shuddered. – The Master of the Ceremonies by George Manville Fenn

What are the rhymes for uncontrolled?

  1. dold, strolled, holde, gold, bold, nold, scold, cold, mould, wold, told, mold, nolde, bowled, poled, old, doled, tolled, polled, roald, golde, olde, sold, vold, holed, rolled, hold, fold;
  2. enrolled, patrolled, ahold, extolled, consoled, unsold, untold, twofold, outsold, behold, enfold, resold, remold, controlled, paroled, cajoled, uphold, withhold, foretold, unfold;
  3. oversold, undersold, decontrolled;

What are the translations for uncontrolled?

Afrikaans word for Uncontrolled


Arabic word for Uncontrolled

غير المنضبط.

Chinese word for Uncontrolled

> 不加约束的.

French word for Uncontrolled

incontrôlable .

German word for Uncontrolled


Greek word for Uncontrolled


Italian word for Uncontrolled


Japanese word for Uncontrolled


Javanese word for Uncontrolled

Tanpa kontrol.

Korean word for Uncontrolled

> 절제되지 않은.

Norwegian word for Uncontrolled


Polish word for Uncontrolled


Romanian word for Uncontrolled


Russian word for Uncontrolled


Spanish words for Uncontrolled

descontrolado, incontrolado.

Swedish word for Uncontrolled


Tamil word for Uncontrolled


Ukrainian word for Uncontrolled