How To Spell under?

Correct spelling: under

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This graph shows how "under" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for under?

  1. wonder, wunder, thunder;
  2. blunder, gunder, plunder, funder, sunder;
  3. asunder;

What are the translations for under?

Bengali word for Under


Chinese words for Under

(年龄或数量)低于..., 在下, 受...影响, 在...下面, 在...情况或条件下, 下边.

Dutch words for Under

onderwater, onder, omlaag, tijdens, minder dan, onderworpen aan, verborgen onder, onder toezicht van, eronder.

French words for Under

selon, dessous, sous, moins.

German words for Under

so, Lager, unter.

Italian words for Under

sub, sotto.

Javanese word for Under


Norwegian word for Under


Polish word for Under


Portuguese words for Under

conforme, abaixo, sob, embaixo de, debaixo de, debaixo, menos de.

Spanish words for Under

debajo, abajo, bajo.

Vietnamese word for Under

phía dưới.