How To Spell underlie?

Correct spelling: underlie

What is the definition of underlie?

  1. be or form the base for

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What are the rhymes for underlie?

  1. dye, fae, ty, spry, cry, ay, dry, my, high, tye, shy, fly, thy, fry, gyi, kwai, try, pye, bae, nigh, kai, fi, shai, pry, pty, yie, guy, thigh, bligh, buy, keye, pi, nye, lxi, rye, sigh, sci, chai, vi, sky, psi, wy, sy, gae, tai, why, ly, wry, bly, sly, brye, ngai, die, jai, vy, lai, wai, dai, tsai, fye, tie, lye, hi, thai, sri, frye, tae, nie, bi, mei, by, vie, chi, cy, spy, pri, phy, hy, flye, aye, kyi, chae, pie, mai, pae, cai, sty, phi, ai, sai, ply, lie, eye, bye, wye;
  2. brunei, belie, good-bye, iwai, awry, deny, july, imai, versailles, decry, dubai, thereby, defy, comply, imply, apply, reply, nearby, standby, shanghai, whereby, ally, mihai, supply, goodbye, bye-bye, alai, kanai, untie, uy, descry, mcfly, hereby, hi-fi, bonsai, rely, retry;
  3. overfly, dui, misapply, resupply;
  4. isty, oversupply, cspi;
  5. dwi;

What are the translations for underlie?

Arabic word for Underlie

تكمن وراء.

Bengali word for Underlie

আচার-ব্যবহার করা.

Chinese word for Underlie


French words for Underlie

sous-tendre, être sous.

German words for Underlie

unterliegen, zugrunde liegen, zu Grunde liegen.

Greek word for Underlie

αποτελούν τη βάση.

Italian word for Underlie

essere alla base di.

Japanese word for Underlie


Javanese word for Underlie


Korean word for Underlie

감정 등의 근거가 되다.

Malay word for Underlie


Norwegian word for Underlie

ligger til grunn.

Polish word for Underlie

leżą u podstaw.

Portuguese words for Underlie

fundamentar, ser a base de.

Romanian word for Underlie

stau la baza.

Russian word for Underlie

лежат в основе.

Spanish words for Underlie

subyacer, cimentar, formar la base de, servir de base, ser la razón fundamental de.

Swedish word for Underlie

ligger bakom.

Tamil word for Underlie


Turkish word for Underlie

altında yatan.

Ukrainian word for Underlie

лежать в основі.