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Spell Check of underway

Correct spelling: underway


Common misspellings for underway:

unway, udnerway, uderway.

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This graph shows how "underway" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for underway:

  1. As the steamer was just casting off her shore- lines and getting underway, a passenger who seemed to have been accidentally detained came running down the pier to get on board, in doing which he missed his proper footing and fell into the water alongside. "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia" , Maturin M. Ballou.
  2. At lunch we pass a great number of geese on the edge of a sandbank- our table is right in the bows, and we have a clear view of the banks on either side as we go along, even at meal times we have the field- glasses handy to pry into the scenes of animal life on river side- the captain, who generally has his gun handy, said, " Yes, certainly we must have a shot at them," and for a moment I hoped he would drop anchor, and that we would go off in a boat and stalk them, but I gathered sadly the " shot" was to be underway at 150 yards- and I'd rather not- another lost opportunity! "From Edinburgh to India & Burmah" , William G. Burn Murdoch.

Quotes for underway:

  1. There is no significant man -made Global Warming underway and the science on which the computer projections of weather chaos are based is badly flawed. - John Coleman
  2. By Rice's own standards, the war was well underway by the time he took office. He was a war president the moment he took the oath. But did he act like one? - Howard Fineman
  3. It's not as if our party has a leadership campaign underway. - Peter MacKay
  4. We managed to get underway, and I don't know to this day why we didn't get struck or take a torpedo, but we didn't. We got outside of the exit of the harbor and we started dropping depth charges. - Barney Ross
  5. As far as missile defense is concerned, a very thorough consultation process is underway. - Gerhard Schroder

Rhymes for underway:

  1. aaa, attache, bouvier, bta, bua, cabaret, cabernet, cea, chevrolet, dak, disarray, disobey, ekk, faberge, fiance, intraday, ira, ita, jna, lyonnais, monterey, monterrey, overplay, overstay, perrier, piaget, underplay, uva.
  2. abbe, allay, array, asay, astray, away, b-j, ballet, beauvais, belay, beret, betray, bombay, bouquet, buffet, cache, cafe, calais, carre, cathay, chalet, cliche, convey, crochet, croquet, da, decay, defray, delay, delray, dismay, display, dk, dossier, ek, essay, filet, fillet, ga, gervais, ha, halfway, hervey, hooray, hurray, jose, levey, mackay, macrae, manet, mccrea, mckay, mcveigh, millay, monet, moray, nikkei, nisei, o'shea, obey, oj, okay, olay, ole, orsay, parquet, passe, portray, prepay, puree, purvey, rene, renee, repay, replay, risque, saute, sergei, soiree, sorbet, souffle, survey, today, toupee, valet.
  3. ae, ay, bay, bey, blay, brae, bray, brey, ca, cay, che, clay, cray, dae, day, daye, de, dey, dray, drey, fay, faye, fe, fey, flay, fray, frey, gaye, gray, graye, grey, gway, hay, haye, hey, hwe, j, jae, jay, jaye, k, kay, kaye, khe, klay, lait, lay, lei, ley, mae, may, maye, mei, mey, nay, ne, neigh, nej, ney, pay, paye, pei, play, pray, prey, quai, quay, rae, ray, raye, re, rey, say, saye, se, shay, shea, slay, sleigh, spray, sta, stay, stray, sway, sze, tae, tay, they, tray, trey, vey, way, waye, wei, weigh, wey, whey, wray, wy, yay, yea.
  4. asea, cabriolet, ceta, communique, foia, hiaa, naivete, noaa.
  5. waga.
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