How To Spell undress?

Correct spelling: undress

What is the definition of undress?

  1. remove someone's clothes; "The nurse quickly undressed the accident victim"

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What are the quotes for undress?

  1. We undress men and women, we don't dress them any more.
  2. I dress for women and I undress for men.

What are the rhymes for undress?

  1. nes, fests, ess, gless, tress, les, hesse, cress, guess, hess, bless, fess, ness, bess, es, s, less, esse, ques, chess, wes, stress, tess, yes, guests, abs, mess, dress, gess, crests, ress, press, ches, kess, jess, pless, vess;
  2. noblesse, finesse, suppress, compress, fs, possess, address, largesse, transgress, invests, suggests, oppress, aggress, profess, contests, divests, success, excess, unless, fluoresce, impress, regress, egress, assess, requests, redress, depress, retests, infests, molests, ts, repress, protests, digress, attests, etess, express, recess, ls, vs, ellesse, confess, caress, obsess, progress, distress, digests;
  3. reassess, ccs, pos, coalesce, cus, uys, oas, cps, las, lcs, dss, ins, ers, nonetheless, acquiesce, uss, repossess, dispossess, reinvests, convalesce;
  4. abts, nevertheless, ws, stds, adss, tcas, cmos, hces;

What are the translations for undress?

Arabic word for Undress

يَنْزِعُ الثِّياب.

Bengali word for Undress

সাধারণ পোশাক.

Dutch words for Undress

uitkleden, ontkleden.

French word for Undress

se déshabiller.

German words for Undress

entkleiden, düster.

Greek word for Undress


Hindi word for Undress

घर का कपड़ा.

Italian word for Undress


Japanese word for Undress


Javanese word for Undress


Korean word for Undress

옷을 벗다.

Marathi word for Undress

कपडे उतरवणे.

Portuguese word for Undress


Romanian word for Undress

a (se) dezbrăca.

Russian word for Undress


Spanish word for Undress


Swedish word for Undress

klä av sig.

Turkish word for Undress


Ukrainian word for Undress


Vietnamese word for Undress

cởi quần áo.