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Correct spelling: union

Common misspellings for union:

usion, untion.


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Examples of usage for union:

  1. Unity is oneness, the state of being one, especially of that which never has been divided or of that which can not be conceived of as resolved into parts; as, the unity of God or the unity of the human soul. Union is a bringing together of things that have been distinct, so that they combine or coalesce to form a new whole, or the state or condition of things thus brought together; in a union the separate individuality of the things united is never lost sight of; we speak of the union of the parts of a fractured bone or of the union of hearts in marriage. But unity can be said of that which is manifestly or even conspicuously made up of parts, when a single purpose or ideal is so subserved by all that their possible separateness is lost sight of; as, we speak of the unity of the human body, or of the unity of the church. Compare ALLIANCE; ASSOCIATION; ATTACHMENT; HARMONY; MARRIAGE. –  by
  2. A union man myself, who was I to break another's rice bowl? –  by
  3. I made the best, and she the worst, of our union for six years; and then we parted. –  by

Rhymes for union:

  1. communion, disunion, nonunion, reunion;