How To Spell union?

Correct spelling: union

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What does the abbreviation union mean?

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This graph shows how "union" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for union?

  1. disunion, communion, reunion, nonunion;

What are the translations for union?

Arabic word for Union


Chinese words for Union

盟, 工会, 联邦, 社团.

Dutch words for Union

vereniging, verbinding, huwelijk, verbintenis, unie, vakbond.

French words for Union

syndicat, mariage, raccordement, organisation syndicale.

German words for Union

Anschluss, Verbindung, Verbundenheit, Verein, Vereinigung, Verband, Bond, Einigkeit, Zusammenschluss, Bund, Gewerkschaft, Union, gewerkschaftlich.

Italian word for Union


Japanese words for Union

組合, 連合, ユニオン, 連盟, 連邦, 合同, 和合, 和集合, 合体, 一致, くみあい, れんごう, どうめい, せつごう, れんめい, けっそく, ごうどう, 組み合い, ごういつ, がっぺいしゅうごう, わしゅうごう, 合併集合, ごうへい, 聯合, ともいき, わごう, がったい, いっち, れんぽう, だんけつ.

Malay word for Union


Polish word for Union


Romanian word for Union


Russian words for Union

союз, профсоюзный.

Spanish word for Union


Tamil word for Union


Turkish word for Union


Vietnamese word for Union

liên hiệp.