How To Spell unrest?

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What are the usage examples for unrest?

  1. But in slum and in palace alike there is continually a feverish nerve- tension induced by unrest and worry; there is impure and smoke- impregnated air, a lack of sunshine, a substitution of artificial objects for natural objects, and in place of solitude the eternal din of traffic. – The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries by W. Y. Evans Wentz

What are the translations for unrest?

Afrikaans word for Unrest


French words for Unrest

inquiétude, troubles, instabilité, bougeotte.

German words for Unrest

Unruhe, Trouble, Unruhen, Agitation, Malaise, Unfrieden, Ruhelosigkeit.

Italian word for Unrest


Javanese word for Unrest


Korean word for Unrest

정치적 불만.

Malay word for Unrest


Norwegian word for Unrest


Polish word for Unrest


Portuguese words for Unrest

tumulto, instabilidade, mal-estar, desordem, protesto, descontentamento, desassossego, intranquilidade, sedição.

Spanish words for Unrest

inquietud, malestar, desorden, caos, disturbios, desconcierto, oro, descontento, inestabilidad, desasosiego, desestabilización, intranquilidad, perturbaciones, desórdenes, conflictividad, revueltas.

Turkish word for Unrest