How To Spell untie?

Correct spelling: untie

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This graph shows how "untie" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for untie?

  1. Children and lunatics cut the Gordian knot which the poet spends his life patiently trying to untie.
  2. Never cut what you can untie.

What are the rhymes for untie?

  1. dye, tsai, pri, chi, sri, sy, brye, sly, chai, bly, fry, rye, pye, dai, lai, gae, psi, my, spy, pry, pie, sky, aye, fi, gyi, fae, bi, cry, tae, wy, ty, tie, pi, ngai, thy, tye, hy, cai, ay, dry, yie, tai, mai, sci, by, mei, ply, wry, kwai, pae, keye, buy, fye, hi, bae, sai, frye, try, jai, vi, thai, phi, high, cy, vy, flye, nie, chae, kai, lye, lxi, why, sigh, nigh, thigh, pty, fly, bligh, bye, shai, phy, ly, wye, spry, ai, shy, die, wai, lie, vie, guy, nye, eye, kyi, sty;
  2. bonsai, standby, nearby, brunei, imply, dubai, thereby, belie, goodbye, hereby, rely, imai, descry, apply, retry, ally, reply, mcfly, supply, mihai, comply, versailles, kanai, awry, july, shanghai, deny, decry, good-bye, defy, alai, bye-bye, uy, hi-fi, iwai, whereby;
  3. overfly, underlie, dui, misapply, resupply;
  4. cspi, isty, oversupply;
  5. dwi;

What are the translations for untie?

Afrikaans word for Untie

los te maak.

German word for Untie


Greek word for Untie


Italian word for Untie


Javanese word for Untie


Norwegian word for Untie

knytte opp.

Romanian word for Untie

a dezlega.

Russian word for Untie


Spanish words for Untie

desatar, desamarrar.

Swedish word for Untie

knyta upp.

Tamil word for Untie


Ukrainian word for Untie


Vietnamese word for Untie

cởi trói.