How To Spell unusual?

Correct spelling: unusual

What is the definition of unusual?

  1. not commonly encountered; "two-career families are no longer unusual"

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What are the rhymes for unusual?

  1. usual;

What are the translations for unusual?

Afrikaans words for Unusual

abnormaal, ongewone.

Arabic word for Unusual

غَيْرُ عَادِيّ.

Dutch words for Unusual

bijzonder, speciaal, vreemd, origineel, bizar, merkwaardig, eigenaardig, zeldzaam, raar, opmerkelijk, afwijkend, ongewoon, ongebruikelijk, uitzonderlijk, buitengewoon, ongebruikelijk, niet gebruikelijk, atypisch.

French words for Unusual

extraordinaire, exceptionnel, singulier, rare, inhabituel, insolite, surprenant, rares, bizarre, atypique, insolites.

German words for Unusual

singulär, ausgefallen, original, selten, apart, ungewohnt, irregulär, anomal, anormal.

Greek word for Unusual


Japanese words for Unusual

非常, 異な, 変わった, めずらしい, ちんき, らしくない, 異, 異数, 殊, ユーニーク, へんてつ, 人一倍, 斜, 傾, 奇怪しい, なのめ, 斜め, 可笑しい, ひじょう, かたやぶり, ひといちばい, 何時にない, 変哲, いつにない.

Norwegian word for Unusual


Portuguese words for Unusual

extraordinário, estranho, incomum, excepcionais, invulgar, esquisito, atípico, inusitadas, insólitas, invulgares, insólito, pouco habitual, anormais, inabitual, inabituais, diferenciadas, incaracterístico, exótico.

Spanish words for Unusual

raro, diferente, curioso, especial, peculiar, infrecuente, excepcional, inusuales, inusual, inusitado, inhabitual, anómalo, inusitada.

Swedish word for Unusual


Vietnamese word for Unusual

khác thường.