How To Spell uphill?

Correct spelling: uphill

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What is the definition of uphill?

  1. the upward slope of a hill

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This graph shows how "uphill" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for uphill?

  1. As no doubt you have noticed, one very seldom gets much encouragement when he takes the uphill trail. – The Greater Power by Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton

What are the rhymes for uphill?

  1. gill, swill, krill, thill, til, ville, zil, grille, quill, jill, chill, bill, shill, phil, gil, hill, trill, mill, rill, mille, nill, still, we'll, prill, hille, fil, ill, lil, sill, bil, fril, zill, spill, shrill, till, twill, mil, lill, dill, nil, il, pil, skill, wil, frill, fill, jil, will, brill, thrill, drill, sil, pill, lille, stil, grill;
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What are the translations for uphill?

Afrikaans word for Uphill


Arabic words for Uphill

Süß, صَاعِداً.

Chinese word for Uphill


Dutch words for Uphill

moeilijk, zwaar, bergopwaarts, bergop, moeizaam.

French words for Uphill

montée, ardu, qui monte, en montée.

German words for Uphill

rüde, bergauf.

Greek word for Uphill


Hindi word for Uphill

ऊपर की ओर.

Italian word for Uphill

in salita.

Japanese word for Uphill


Korean word for Uphill

위를 향하여.

Malay word for Uphill


Marathi word for Uphill


Norwegian word for Uphill


Portuguese word for Uphill

morro acima.

Russian word for Uphill

в гору.

Spanish word for Uphill

cuesta arriba.

Tamil word for Uphill


Turkish word for Uphill

yokuş yukarı.

Vietnamese word for Uphill

lên dốc.