How To Spell upright?

Correct spelling: upright

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What are the usage examples for upright?

  1. When it is done, take off the tape, set the cabbage upright in a dish, and pour melted butter over it.

What are the translations for upright?

Afrikaans word for Upright


Arabic word for Upright


Bengali word for Upright


Chinese words for Upright

直立, 直立式, 正的, 正派, 雅正, 耿直.

Dutch words for Upright

rechtvaardig, eerlijk, verticaal, dik, staand, oprecht, rechtopstaand, rechtop, kaarsrecht, rechtstandig.

French words for Upright

droit, debout, vertical, droites, érigé, dressé.

German words for Upright

Recht, gerade, aufrichtig, aufrecht, stramm, senkrecht, Pfosten, redlich, rechtschaffen, bieder, vertikal, stehend, aufrechtstehend, geradsinnig, Klavier.

Japanese words for Upright

直立, アップライト, まっすぐ, 正立, すっくと, えんちょく, ちょくりつ, ものがたい, 端然, たんぜん, 鉛直, 縦棒, なおき, 直き, たてぼう, まっすぐ上に.

Javanese word for Upright


Korean word for Upright


Malay word for Upright


Norwegian word for Upright


Polish word for Upright


Portuguese words for Upright

direito, levantado, ereto, correta, levantada, corretas, probo, verticais, rectos, justos, respeitáveis, verticalizados.

Russian words for Upright

вертикальный, вертикально.

Spanish words for Upright

correcto, reto, derecho, sincero, recto, recta, honesto, honrado, verticalmente, erguido, perpendicular.

Tamil word for Upright


Vietnamese word for Upright

thẳng đứng.