How To Spell upside?

Correct spelling: upside

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What is the definition of upside?

  1. The upper part; upside down, having the top part at the bottom; hence, in disorder.

What does the abbreviation upside mean?

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What are the translations for upside?

Afrikaans word for Upside


Bengali word for Upside

উপরের দিক.

Chinese word for Upside


Dutch words for Upside

pluspunt, voordeel.

French words for Upside

atout, avantage, bon côté, aspect positif, point positif, à l´envers.

German words for Upside

Vorteil, auf, gegen, Kopf, Oberseite, positive Seite.

Italian word for Upside


Japanese word for Upside


Javanese word for Upside


Malay word for Upside


Norwegian word for Upside


Romanian word for Upside

cu susul în.

Russian word for Upside

верхняя часть.

Spanish words for Upside

ventaja, lado positivo, parte buena, lado bueno, parte positiva, aspecto positivo.

Swedish word for Upside


Turkish word for Upside

üst taraf.