How To Spell useless?

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What are the usage examples for useless?

  1. She said it would be useless

What are the quotes for useless?

  1. The most useless are those who never change through the years.
  2. Tell mother, tell mother, I died for my country... useless... useless.
  3. It is useless to tell one not to reason but to believe; you might as well tell a man not to wake but sleep.
  4. It's useless to play lullabies for those who cannot sleep.
  5. It is only necessary to have courage, for strength without self -confidence is useless.

What are the translations for useless?

Bengali word for Useless


Chinese words for Useless

无用的, 没有用, 于事无补, 肉瘤, 赘瘤, 疣赘, 窳, 寙, 不当事.

Dutch words for Useless

overbodig, nutteloos, onbruikbaar, zinloos, vruchteloos.

French words for Useless

superflu, inutile, inutiles, vain, inexploitable, futile, nul, inefficace, inutilisable, inutilisables, nulle.

German words for Useless

vergeblich, sinnlos, nutzlos, unbrauchbar, unsinnig, untauglich, zwecklos, wertlos, ohne Verwendung, nichtsnutzig.

Japanese words for Useless

しに, 無用, 役に立たない, ダメ, だめ, 意味がない, 役立たず, 駄目, 仕様も無い, 益体もない, 何の役にも立たない, あかん, 無くもがな, やくにたたない, 詰らぬ, ふよう, 用に足りない, むえき, しょうもない, 狗, なんのやくにもたたない, かいない, 犬, むだぼね, むよう, 屁のつっぱりにもならない, つかいものにならない, ようにたりない, 甲斐がない, 甲斐無し, かいなし, 使いものにならない, しょうも無い, やくたいもない, 無駄骨, アカン, 明かん, いみがない, つまらぬ, 屁の突っ張りにもならない, なくもがな, 徒ら, 使い物にならない, しようも無い, ようなし, やくたたず, 甲斐が無い, むだ骨.

Norwegian word for Useless


Portuguese words for Useless

inútil, inúteis, desnecessário, sem valor, inutilizável, imprestáveis, imprestável, desnecessária, inutilizáveis, supérfluo, inaproveitável.

Spanish words for Useless

incapacitado, inservible, innecesario, vano, ineficaz, infructuoso, incompetente, malogrado, inservibles, inutilizable, irrelevante.

Tamil word for Useless


Vietnamese word for Useless

vô dụng.