How To Spell usual?

Correct spelling: usual

What is the definition of usual?

  1. Usually.

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What are the rhymes for usual?

  1. unusual;

What are the translations for usual?

Afrikaans word for Usual


Arabic word for Usual


Chinese words for Usual

往常, 寻常, 习用.

Dutch words for Usual

gewoonlijk, gewoon, normaal, gangbaar, gebruikelijk.

French words for Usual

courant, habituel, traditionnel, général, ordinaire, fréquent, classique, usuel.

German words for Usual

normal, elementar, gewohnt, allgemein üblich, Übliche, trivial, banal.

Italian word for Usual


Japanese words for Usual

従来, 普段, いつもの, 何時もの, ふだん, お決まり, 一通り, お定まり, へいぜい, 平生, ザラにある, 変哲も無い, いきつけ, ひととおり, ざらにある, 有りがち, 変哲もない, 御決まり, 凡凡, 行付け, 御定まり, おさだまり, 当りまえ, 行き付け, おきまり, お決り, 行きつけ, れい.

Javanese word for Usual


Malay word for Usual


Norwegian word for Usual


Polish words for Usual

typowy, zwyczajny.

Portuguese words for Usual

comum, corrente, consistente, frequente, comuns, rotineiro, diário, ordinário, corriqueiro, quotidiano, convencionais, correntes, recorrente, normais, usuais, de sempre, tradicionais, costumeira, típico, de costume, rotineira, conhecida, costumeiros, crónico.

Spanish words for Usual

corriente, constante, habitual, frecuente, habituales, de siempre, acostumbrado, cotidiano, consuetudinario, tradicional, usual, usuales.