How To Spell usually?

Correct spelling: usually

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What is the definition of usually?

  1. Ordinarily.

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What are the rhymes for usually?

  1. unusually;

What are the translations for usually?

Afrikaans word for Usually


Chinese words for Usually

常常, 常时, 照例, 照理, 素来, 素日.

French words for Usually

habituellement, d'habitude, traditionnellement, ordinairement.

German words for Usually

normal, sonst, normalerweise, üblicherweise, meist, meistens, in der Regel, gewöhnlicherweise.

Hindi word for Usually

आमतौर पर.

Italian words for Usually

generalmente, solitamente.

Japanese words for Usually

通常の場合, 常時, 通例, 通常なら, 常住, へいそは, 平素は, つうじょうなら, じょうじゅう, つうじょうのばあい, じょうじ, つうれい, 普通は.

Javanese word for Usually


Korean word for Usually


Malay word for Usually


Marathi word for Usually


Norwegian word for Usually


Polish words for Usually

zazwyczaj, zwykle, najczęściej, przeważnie.

Portuguese words for Usually

frequentemente, geralmente, comumente, ordinariamente, convencionalmente.

Spanish words for Usually

normalmente, por lo general, típicamente, regularmente, habitualmente, frecuentemente, usualmente, periódicamente, corrientemente.

Swedish word for Usually


Turkish word for Usually