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How To Spell utilization?

Correct spelling: utilization

What are the misspellings for utilization ?

  • authirization,
  • ultilization,
  • aculization,
  • utilizting,
  • utiliziation,
  • initalization,
  • utilazation,
  • autrization,
  • utilizinf,
  • stailization,
  • initilaization,
  • fetilization,
  • authrazation,
  • autorasation,
  • utlization,
  • auhtorization,
  • afflicition,
  • ulitization,
  • acutualization,
  • utilizeing,
  • authrozation,
  • captilization,
  • utiliztion,
  • uilization,
  • anylization,
  • utlilization,
  • overutilization,
  • inilalization,
  • authotization,
  • fertlilization,
  • ultization,
  • euthnisation,
  • initilization,
  • untilization,
  • utilizating,
  • intialization,
  • otorization,
  • actualisation,
  • fertilisation,
  • authroisation,
  • activization,
  • utilisaion,
  • authrization,
  • utilzation,
  • utilizaton,
  • fertilaztion,
  • utilizations,
  • utilziation,
  • ortanization,
  • utilizling,
  • autorization,
  • stilization,
  • authoirization,
  • fertiliziation,
  • virtulization,
  • utilisation,
  • automization,
  • ptimisation,
  • cizilization,
  • utilizaing,
  • actulaization,
  • actulization,
  • cicilization,
  • utiliazation,
  • utalization,
  • fertilzation,
  • fertillization,
  • fertilizition,
  • utillizacion,
  • utlitzation,
  • automatization,
  • capilization,
  • fertilazation,
  • sterlization,
  • opimization,
  • utiliation,
  • equilization,
  • fertiloisation,
  • actuallization,
  • sterlisation,
  • autoriztion,
  • autorisation,
  • utelization,
  • utilizaiton,
  • authroziation,
  • utillization,
  • actualuzation,
  • firtilization,
  • stylisation,
  • utilizaion,
  • reutilization,
  • capatilization,
  • virtulisation,
  • autorazation,
  • articiulation,
  • equalisation,
  • acualization,
  • authroization,
  • cililization,
  • fertiliization.

What is the definition of utilization?

  1. The act of utilizing, or the state of being utilized.

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What are the quotes for utilization?

  1. UF is Utilization Flight. That got put in the manifest quite some time ago.
  2. The answer has to be sought in the material conditions of the production and utilization of cattle in India compared with the production and utilization of cattle in other parts of the world.
  3. To those of you who study history, economics, sociology, literature and language I present the challenge of the utilization of the enormous resources in our grasp to the problem of creating a genuinely good life for yourselves and your children.
  4. I feel that the thing that probably aided me the most in that scene with the dog was the utilization and using an actual recreation, affective memory, if you want to call it, of pain.
  5. Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have.

What are the rhymes for utilization?

  1. ventilation, experimentation, exhumation, illustration, mobilization, intimidation, quantification, reexamination, colonization, germination, assimilation, miscreation, disorientation, ossification, disembarkation, deformation, inhabitation, elongation, regimentation, nondiscrimination, revitalization, categorization, preoccupation, cancellation, edification, reconsideration, temptation, permutation, hybridization, punctuation, ratification, education, expatriation, cogitation, cremation, transformation, jubilation, dilatation, saponification, operation, vilification, exoneration, perpetuation, evaporation, ornamentation, desperation, dislocation, bifurcation, contamination, evocation, intoxication, renunciation, toleration, palpitation, delegation, malformation, confirmation, consecration, stalinization, tribulation, valuation, intonation, elevation, summation, incorporation, incarnation, proliferation, impregnation, indignation, liberation, sanitation, demarcation, recrimination, vulgarization, misrepresentation, dedication, commemoration, ionization, ejaculation, classification, obfuscation, destabilization, popularization, manipulation, consolation, depredation, inflammation, consultation, inactivation, admiration, affectation, disinclination, exclamation, qualification, reincarnation, disintegration, dramatization, sedimentation, equivocation, propagation, illumination, concatenation, innovation, divination, animation, exacerbation, stabilization, irradiation, evaluation, incarceration, alienation, recantation, duration, denunciation, dehydration, proclamation, location, pronunciation, delineation, nitration, hibernation, orchestration, amputation, affirmation, impersonation, hydration, situation, vindication, imagination, arbitration, facilitation, retaliation, personification, inhalation, investigation, documentation, motivation, reunification, perturbation, revelation, segmentation, gentrification, dalmatian, specification, liberalization, notification, demonization, inflation, preservation, inundation, visitation, taxation, pontification, narration, prefabrication, rehydration, calculation, radiation, expropriation, improvisation, suffocation, precipitation, exasperation, balkanization, creation, stimulation, dispensation, backwardation, conversation, habitation, organization, imputation, misappropriation, decentralization, humiliation, desolation, convocation, combination, miniaturization, cohabitation, instigation, salvation, desalinization, information, ramification, menstruation, disinflation, monopolization, repatriation, initiation, fluctuation, expiration, emigration, exhalation, amelioration, exhortation, enumeration, profanation, hyperinflation, prostration, deportation, presentation, reverberation, aviation, democratization, conflagration, foliation, translation, provocation, disinformation, publication, reformation, celebration, mutilation, degradation, allegation, cooperation, determination, confiscation, flotation, modification, incrimination, self-congratulation, elimination, industrialization, magnification, constellation, interpretation, approximation, telecommunication, sterilization, amalgamation, fibrillation, dissertation, obligation, authorization, normalization, electrification, augmentation, approbation, avocation, formation, culmination, mechanization, inspiration, deceleration, devastation, reconciliation, embarkation, incapacitation, ligation, deregulation, miscommunication, globalization, invalidation, conservation, consummation, hesitation, constipation, overvaluation, formulation, demoralization, perspiration, domination, misinterpretation, diversification, notation, navigation, affiliation, justification, rumination, confederation, altercation, criminalization, insulation, masturbation, anticipation, immunization, hydrogenation, irrigation, capitulation, clarification, realization, legalization, infatuation, litigation, decertification, reflation, miseration, deflation, annotation, variation, misinformation, emulation, occupation, procrastination, corporation, exploration, derivation, mummification, dissociation, fragmentation, laceration, vegetation, standardization, equalization, lactation, oration, hallucination, marginalization, quotation, sophistication, participation, adaptation, personalization, figuration, protestation, reiteration, emanation, adjudication, reconfirmation, evacuation, regulation, origination, reclamation, articulation, destination, elaboration, reconfiguration, recertification, unionization, insemination, cultivation, ostentation, recitation, centralization, relaxation, naturalization, fluoridation, infestation, alteration, granulation, gestation, validation, libration, refrigeration, differentiation, certification, excitation, agglomeration, consternation, nullification, incantation, conciliation, sanctification, detonation, condensation, westernization, horatian, isolation, disputation, repudiation, congratulation, reevaluation, moderation, stagnation, graduation, regeneration, gratification, collectivization, simplification, collaboration, fortification, annexation, nonproliferation, amortization, damnation, compensation, urbanization, remuneration, ministration, indentation, discrimination, rejuvenation, intimation, ovation, duplication, adoration, domestication, reallocation, discontinuation, aggravation, vocation, mutation, excommunication, concentration, calibration, flirtation, corp, reputation, deification, distillation, suburbanization, usurpation, harmonization, advocation, importation, discoloration, refutation, devaluation, socialization, limitation, negotiation, machination, transplantation, pigmentation, triangulation, coordination, dilation, intensification, annihilation, indemnification, incrustation, emancipation, depravation, explication, escalation, optation, gyration, coloration, denationalization, inauguration, appellation, miscalculation, deviation, decapitation, rehabilitation, reauthorization, federation, observation, demodulation, mitigation, pollination, rotation, expectation, titillation, demobilization, overpopulation, accumulation, characterization, pressurization, termination, reservation, transillumination, instrumentation, securitization, adulation, maturation, plantation, fixation, conjugation, representation, association, crustacean, registration, saturation, agitation, simulation, indoctrination, infiltration, mediation, privation, specialization, mineralization, exploitation, generalization, communication, consideration, insinuation, stagflation, invitation, restoration, misidentification, desiccation, probation, reinterpretation, molestation, complication, irritation, unification, modulation, correlation, designation, liquidation, relation, revocation, speculation, interrogation, aspiration, codification, donation, disorganization, computerization, medication, depopulation, identification, fermentation, sensation, conglomeration, declaration, extrapolation, sedation, reaffirmation, exaggeration, fabrication, subluxation, vaccination, stipulation, respiration, christianization, generation, organisation, predestination, authentication, reclassification, fascination, gasification, pacification, reorganization, desalination, invocation, pasteurization, alleviation, premeditation, redecoration, maximization, deprivation, pagination, rededication, russification, filtration, frustration, indexation, imitation, inoculation, explanation, computation, vacillation, falsification, subsidization, croatian, transportation, corroboration, commendation, compilation, vibration, denomination, contemplation, sequestration, recuperation, decoration, gastrulation, incoordination, appropriation, condemnation, dissipation, perforation, civilization, desegregation, purification, ovulation, renovation, vacation, confabulation, argumentation, replication, reparation, verification, defamation, decontamination, levitation, starvation, ordination, dictation, glorification, degeneration, integration, fertilization, excavation, disqualification, revaluation, privatization, gravitation, elation, recommendation, implantation, visualization, fumigation, syndication, equitation, modernization, relocation, amplification, indication, commercialization, prognostication, localization, confrontation, vaporization, politicization, glaciation, neutralization, population, coagulation, oscillation, procreation, meditation, reforestation, privatisation, optimization, resuscitation, preparation, strangulation, desecration, incubation, rationalization, insubordination, recalculation, manifestation, recreation, nomination, affrication, segregation, retardation, solicitation, subordination, negation, remediation, depreciation, sarmatian, consolidation, appalachian, inclination, automation, reinvigoration, implication, continuation, deliberation, misapplication, immigration, allocation, assassination, coronation, connotation, multiplication, eradication, implementation, proration, demonstration, echolocation, installation, rectification, tabulation, renomination, lubrication, dissemination, polarization, migration, dehumanization, nationalization, communization, deforestation, resignation, victimization, reaffiliation, renegotiation, undervaluation, trepidation, gradation, legislation, oxidation, extermination, application, congregation, exhilaration, configuration, detoxification, foundation, orientation, hospitalization, magnetization, violation, appreciation, estimation, exfoliation, nucleation, separation, examination, substantiation;
  2. haitian, nation, ration, station;
  3. carnation, castration, cessation, alsatian, cetacean, causation, citation;
  4. activation, aberration, accusation, abdication, acclimation, abrogation;
  5. abomination, accommodation, accreditation, abbreviation, acceleration;
  6. acidification, alphabetization, capitalization, cannibalization;
  7. americanization, decriminalization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

What are the translations for utilization?

Bengali word for Utilization


Dutch word for Utilization


French word for Utilization


German words for Utilization

Einsatz, Inanspruchnahme, Anwendung, Nutzung, Verwendung, Gebrauch, Verwertung, Auswertung, Auslastung, Ausnutzung, Nutzbarmachung.

Greek word for Utilization


Italian word for Utilization


Javanese word for Utilization


Malay word for Utilization


Marathi word for Utilization


Norwegian word for Utilization


Polish words for Utilization

wykorzystywanie, wykorzystanie, utylizacja.

Romanian word for Utilization


Swedish word for Utilization