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Correct spelling: valets


Common misspellings for valets:

valeter, vallets.

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This graph shows how "valets" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for valets:

  1. Then to bed at once, for R. has to start early with his Chief in the morning, he is coming from the Central Office at Dharwar; to test bridges and things in Mysore, to see they are strong enough, for they say there are twenty English valets coming in the Royal train!" "From Edinburgh to India & Burmah" , William G. Burn Murdoch.
  2. Among other things, he told me it was not uncommon for valets to dress themselves in their masters clothes, when they supposed them to be at a distance, or otherwise engaged, assume their titles, and pass themselves upon the Bourgeoisie and foreigners for counts, dukes, or princes. "Anna St. Ives" , Thomas Holcroft.

Quotes for valets:

  1. The best servants of the people, like the best valets, must whisper unpleasant truths in the master's ear. It is the court fool, not the foolish courtier, whom the king can least afford to lose. - Walter Lippmann

Rhymes for valets:

  1. ablaze, allays, amaze, appraise, arrays, ballets, belays.
  2. baize, bayes, bays, berets, betrays, blaise, blaize, blase, blayze, blaze, bouquets, braise, brays, braze, caches, cafes, chaise, claes, clays, cliches, conveys, crase, craze, dais, dase, days, daze, decays, defrays, delays, dismays, displays, dossiers, essays, faze, filets, frase, frays, gase, gays, gaze, glaze, grays, graze, hase, hayes, hays, haze, iras, jays, kase, kays, lais, lase, lays, leis, lyonnaise, maes, mais, maize, malaise, malays, mase, mayes, mays, maze, nase, nays, obeys, oles, pais, pays, phase, phrase, plays, polonaise, portrays, praise, prays, preys, raise, rase, rays, raze, reappraise, repays, rephrase, replays, res, sais, shays, slays, sprays, stays, strays, surveys, sways, today's, todays, trays, wais, ways, weighs.
  3. cabernets, chevrolets, dismutase, lyonnais.
  4. urokinase.
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