How To Spell value?

Correct spelling: value

What is the definition of value?

  1. hold dear; "I prize these old photographs"

What does the abbreviation value mean?

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What are the rhymes for value?

  1. valu;

What are the translations for value?

Arabic word for Value


Chinese words for Value

值, 价值, 重视, 顾惜, 数值, 估价.

Dutch words for Value

respecteren, waarderen, waarde, aan waarde hechten, op prijs stellen, taxeren, om geven, belangrijk vinden.

French words for Value

valoriser, estimer, priser, valeur, importance, valorisation, montante.

German words for Value

Bedeutung, bewerten, Nutzen, Geltung, taxieren, Wichtigkeit, Wert, Betrag, Größe, Wertschöpfung, Wertigkeit, Stellenwert, Valuta, Festwert, Relevanz, Kostbarkeit, Bedeutsamkeit, Werthaftigkeit, den Wert schätzen, hoch achten, Nut.

Hindi word for Value


Italian words for Value

valore, prezzo, pregio, importanza, significato.

Japanese words for Value

価値, 値, 価, バリュー, 値うち, ち, 尊, あたい, 尊ぶ, かかく, 貴ぶ, ふむ, ひょうか, たっとぶ, とうと, 價, 惜しむ, 践む, おしむ, 有難み, 愛しむ, たっとむ, たっと, 貴, 踏む, 有り難み, かう, ありがたみ, ありがた味, 尊む, 履む, 貴む, 有難味, とうとぶ, 有り難味, 有難さ, ありがたさ.

Javanese word for Value


Marathi word for Value


Polish word for Value


Portuguese words for Value

reconhecer, custo, avaliar, valorizar, importância, utilidade.

Romanian word for Value


Russian words for Value

стоимость, ценность, значение, величина.

Spanish words for Value

precio, evaluar, valor, calcular, cantidad, importe, calidad, provecho, valía, valorar, tasar, apreciar, estimar, cifra, costo, utilidad.

Turkish words for Value

verdi, değer.