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Correct spelling: vanity


Common misspellings for vanity:

vanitiy, vanties, vanily, navity, vanitys, vaniety, vanaty, vainty, vainity, vaity, vairty, vanty, vanitity, vantiy.

Vanity \v(a)-ni-ty\

empty; inflated in pride
Vanity as a girl's name is pronounced VAN-ih-tee. It is of French origin, and the meaning of Vanity is "empty; inflated in pride".
Vinita, Vanita, Wanita, Venita.

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Examples of usage for vanity:

  1. I suspect that his manner is deliberately assumed in protest against the selfish vanity which is the common source of social polish.
  2. I say this without scruple, having not a shadow of vanity, nor on the other hand a shadow of false modesty connected with such boyish accomplishments.
  3. Do, Marsillia, be rul'd by your Vanity, and that good Friend, Mr. Praiseall; but rest assur'd, after such a weakness, I will never see your Face again.

Quotes for vanity:

  1. The day when a sportsman stops thinking above all else of the happiness in his own effort and the intoxication of the power and physical balance he derives from it, the day when he lets considerations of vanity or interest take over, on this day his ideal will die. - Pierre de Coubertin
  2. I am content with nothing, restless and ambitious... and I despise myself for the vanity, which formed half the stimulus to my exertions. Oh would that I were one of those plodding wise fools who having once set their hand to the plough go on nothing doubting. - Thomas Huxley
  3. A pretty wife is something for the fastidious vanity of a rougue to retire upon. - Thomas Moore
  4. Vanity is my favourite sin. - Al Pacino
  5. She gave up beauty in her tender youth, gave all her hope and joy and pleasant ways; she covered up her eyes lest they should gaze on vanity, and chose the bitter truth. - Christina G. Rossetti
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