How To Spell various?

Correct spelling: various

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This graph shows how "various" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for various?

  1. marius;
  2. gregarious, precarious, hilarious, vicarious, aquarius, nefarious;
  3. stradivarius;

What are the translations for various?

Afrikaans word for Various


Chinese words for Various

各项, 多项, 各式各样, 诸般, 诸色.

Dutch words for Various

meerdere, verschillend, uiteenlopend.

French words for Various

variées, variée.

German words for Various

verschieden, unterschiedlich, divers, mannigfaltig, mehrere, verschiedenartig, verscheiden, Allerlei.

Greek word for Various


Italian word for Various


Japanese words for Various

様々, さまざま, いろいろ, 色々, 多種, 方々, いろんな, 色んな, 諸般, とりどり, 様様, まちまち, こまごました, てんでばらばら, 千種, かたがた, 千草, 細細した, こまごまとした, てんでんばらばら, かくはん, しょはん, かわった, 細々とした, 取り取り, ちくさ, 数数, ちぐさ, 取取り, 細々した, 各般, 細細とした, たしゅ.

Malay word for Various


Norwegian word for Various


Polish words for Various

rozmaity, przeróżny.

Portuguese word for Various


Romanian word for Various


Russian word for Various


Spanish words for Various

varios, varias, diverso, distintos, distintas, variadas.

Swedish word for Various