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How To Spell vendee?

Correct spelling: vendee

What are the common mistypes for vendee ?

  • vwendee,
  • vedndee,
  • vundee,
  • vencee,
  • venfdee,
  • vedee,
  • vwndee,
  • vnedee,
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  • vbendee.

What is the definition of vendee?

  1. One to whom a thing is sold: a term used chiefly in law.

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What are the usage examples for vendee?

  1. Here and there, in the Angoumois, in Guienne, in the Vendee and in the western parts of Brittany, the student of forgotten history may find an old priest who will still persist in dividing France into the ancient provinces, and will tell how Hope rode through the Royalist country when he himself was busy at his first cure. – The Last Hope by Henry Seton Merriman
  2. Those colder, sterner men of Brittany, who, in later times, compared notes with the nobles of Guienne and the Vendee seemed to talk of a different man; for they spoke of one who rarely laughed, and never turned aside from a chosen path which was in no wise bordered by flowers. – The Last Hope by Henry Seton Merriman

What are the rhymes for vendee?

  1. pawnee, enlistee, loree, leigh, indri, debris, ab, thee, emcee, rupee, glee, ip, guaranty, fop, fsi, trustee, lp, ji, dundee, thierry, markee, jubilee, shri, jaycee, internee, dea, cc, yippee, dsv, free, degree, waikiki, yie, he, ti, ddt, escapee, she, esprit, chea, zee, njt, odp, tenn, cyb, li, dee, plea, mt, mi, ve, enrollee, blea, marquee, ofc, rosalee, louie, re, lsd, nominee, devotee, vi, quay, thi, quai, three, lavie, nee, snee, tree, resignee, guarani, prix, sheree, sze, foresee, henri, honoree, spie, curie, pri, marie, be, cie, potpourri, xi, v, bee, nic, flea, detainee, parolee, valoree, musee, yangtze, mcgee, mpg, z, qi, see, syp, mme, apc, ot, wee, ze, bibi, c, ranee, ghee, conferee, lessee, mee, cat-3, sightsee, designee, licensee, nghi, we, disagree, sie, jee, sci, jessee, se, slee, nestle, oversea, decree, banshee, cd, bea, smee, tennessee, mea, fi, tv, tea, marquis, je, pattee, id, goatee, hee, bbc, deportee, lee, knee, gyi, sea, ski, lxi, kyi, undersea, ki, ravi, tee, cod, draftee, gee, appointee, bui, magee, m3, tyree, retiree, shi, qui, nie, cree, inductee, brie, rea, me, g, kee, bourgeoisie, trainee, lea, ee, bree, ree, spree, cac, yi, cxc, andree, capri, chee, mit, te, xie, zea, sri, chablis, yee, dupree, franchisee, atp, de, bt, vee, tse, the, pree, rosemarie, sep, b, crea, mcghee, klee, pea, jie, flee, fee, si, oad, key, d, whoopee, gutsy, rb, guarantee, ib, ged, repartee, mc, referee, ne, p, ye, eap, nabil, khe, t, kea, c3, brea;
  2. albee, achee, abee, adee, agree, ac, alee;
  3. adoptee, amc, adoree, abt, addressee, absentee, amputee;
  4. knbc, lapd, interviewee, irit, geac, hnat;
  5. awb;

What are the translations for vendee?

Arabic word for Vendee


Chinese word for Vendee


French word for Vendee


Hindi word for Vendee


Italian word for Vendee


Japanese word for Vendee


Korean word for Vendee

사는 사람.

Malay word for Vendee


Spanish word for Vendee


Tamil word for Vendee

பொருள் வாங்குபவர்.

Vietnamese word for Vendee

người mua.