How To Spell versatile?

Correct spelling: versatile

What is the definition of versatile?

  1. (used of persons) having many skills

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What are the usage examples for versatile?

  1. Little as Martin had seen of Massingbred,- they were but Club acquaintances of a few weeks back,- he believed that he was one of those smart, versatile men who, with abundance of social ability, acquire reputation for higher capacity than they possess; but, above all, he never gave him credit for anything like a settled purpose or a stern resolution. – The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II) by Charles James Lever
  2. Suddenly there was a silence, and Mr. Marsh, seated at the instrument and running his hands over the keys in a highly versatile fashion, began " John Peel" in a high thin tenor that sounded as though it came from behind the neighbouring mountain. – Command by William McFee

What are the rhymes for versatile?

  1. mile, bile, gile, guile, pyle, kile, niall, tile, style, seil, sheil, isle, kyle, vile, hile, weil, nile, lile, wile, rile, phyle, bille, lyle, dial, trial, smile, file, weill, pile, while, aisle, stile, kyl, geil;
  2. compile, awhile, worthwhile, hostile, mikhail, marseille, defile, argyll, soleil, beguile, nevile, fertile, restyle, revile;

What are the translations for versatile?

Afrikaans word for Versatile


Arabic word for Versatile

مُتَعَدِّدُ الـجَوَانِب.

Bengali word for Versatile

বহুমুখ কর্মশক্তিসম্পন্ন.

Chinese word for Versatile


Dutch words for Versatile

veelzijdig, wendbaar, ruim toepasbaar.

French words for Versatile

polyvalent, versatile.

German words for Versatile

facettenreich, versatil, vielseitig, vielseitig verwendbar, flexibel, vielseitig einsetzbar, wandelbar, wendig, wandlungsfähig, beweglich, vielseitig nutzbar.

Greek word for Versatile


Italian word for Versatile


Japanese words for Versatile

用途の広い, 可変性, はちめんろっぴ, 多芸性, 滑脱, たげいせい, ようとがひろい, 多角, たかく, ゆうずうむげ, かへんせい, 八面六臂, かつだつ, 多芸多才, ようとのひろい, 融通無礙, ためんてき, たげいたさい, 融通無碍, 多面的, 用途が広い.

Javanese word for Versatile


Norwegian word for Versatile


Polish word for Versatile


Romanian word for Versatile


Russian words for Versatile

универсальный, многофункциональный, многосторонний, многогранный.

Tamil word for Versatile