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How To Spell vi?

Correct spelling: vi

List of misspellings for vi:

  • vocie,
  • vsio,
  • ki,
  • i44,
  • vajai,
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What does the abbreviation vi mean?


purple; lively
Vi as a girl's name is a variant of Violet (Latin) and Vivian (Latin), and the meaning of Vi is "purple; lively".
  • Fay,
  • fee,
  • FAE,
  • fe,
  • fey.

Related words for vi

Joseph VI Audo


Mar Joseph VI Audo was the Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church from 1847 to 1878.

Södra Vi


Municipality in Sweden

Södra Vi is a locality situated in Vimmerby Municipality, Kalmar County, Sweden with 1,182 inhabitants in 2010.

Thiru. Vi. Ka Nagar


Thiru. Vi. Ka Nagar or TVK Nagar or Thiru. V. Kalyanasundaram Nagar, named after the Tamil scholar Thiru. V. Kalyanasundaram is a developed residential area in North Chennai, a metropolitan city in Tamil Nadu, India.

Vi Thanh city


City in Vietnam

Vị Thanh is a provincial city and also the capital city of Hậu Giang Province in Vietnam. Formerly, Long Mỹ was a town of Chương-Thiện province in South Vietnam. In 2004, Vị Thanh became the capital of Hậu Giang Province. It has an industrial zone of 880,000 square metres.

Wings of Vi


Video game

Wings of Vi is a 2D platform game created by Grynsoft, a Danish indie developer team led by Jesper "Solgryn" Erlandsen. The game, a spiritual successor to I Wanna Be The Boshy, focuses on saving the world from a demon lord named Jeh'Oul.

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This graph shows how "vi" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for vi:

  1. While trying to protect the republic, the conspirators in Julius Caesar enable Mark Antony to triumph. In Rose Rage, the more Henry VI tries to fix things, the more they go wrong.
  2. I was surprised about vi going in, though, I didn't know it was in System V.
  3. That lack of programmability is probably what ultimately will doom vi. It can't extend its domain.
  4. I thought it was time for a tough, smart, likable female private investigator, and that's how VI came to life.
  5. People sometimes ask me if it is a sin in the Church of Emacs to use vi. Using a free version of vi is not a sin; it is a penance. So happy hacking.

Rhymes for vi:

  1. bea, degree, blea, cree, klee, thigh, rea, detainee, jubilee, be, marquee, c, lee, dea, fly, vy, lye, keye, flee, sly, jai, the, die, quay, tie, wai, ji, pea, high, lie, rb, sy, deportee, inductee, marie, bee, appointee, oversea, dsv, bye, pry, thy, ly, bi, capri, ddt, foresee, loree, curie, ee, ze, tennessee, kwai, syp, wye, chae, indri, ne, leigh, glee, sky, by, jie, dry, ab, tree, see, guarani, nic, vendee, sie, chablis, cai, hee, chi, pie, qui, bly, undersea, re, m3, cxc, fae, dundee, pawnee, ree, why, zea, shy, shri, bbc, ye, wy, knee, bibi, tv, eye, mei, wee, jee, spree, ravi, guaranty, cy, sigh, decree, flye, fye, marquis, yie, cc, id, ngai, ged, eap, mit, dye, ti, quai, slee, ip, c3, key, tee, bui, g, sri, prix, v, jaycee, kyi, sheree, ty, pattee, kee, rosemarie, wry, atp, p, goatee, khe, debris, me, lxi, te, vie, nabil, tea, phi, brea, guy, andree, fee, mt, louie, markee, devotee, mc, guarantee, thai, tye, mee, xi, pae, li, vee, t, nghi, fi, jessee, chai, ib, my, brye, free, je, nee, bae, phy, gyi, pty, trainee, resignee, mme, thee, sty, mi, spry, escapee, tenn, gae, she, sightsee, crea, smee, ki, we, dai, enrollee, bligh, lp, zee, tsai, licensee, tyree, shi, enlistee, esprit, psi, lai, trustee, banshee, valoree, chee, yi, rupee, pye, tai, bourgeoisie, nestle, bree, ve, gutsy, buy, ay, internee, ranee, henri, referee, ot, tse, b, potpourri, oad, pi, plea, dee, designee, bt, musee, mcgee, lavie, ofc, mea, three, yangtze, try, xie, he, emcee, se, sep, tae, ski, nye, spy, cyb, cie, lea, sze, cac, nominee, fsi, fop, odp, repartee, yippee, cd, waikiki, nigh, de, franchisee, flea, brie, mpg, hy, qi, kai, conferee, rye, draftee, snee, nie, mai, kea, ply, sai, rosalee, disagree, honoree, pree, thierry, sea, aye, lsd, pri, ghee, thi, fry, dupree, si, cat-3, spie, chea, frye, yee, cod, ai, whoopee, parolee, z, shai, apc, gee, d, mcghee, lessee, cry, sci, njt, magee, retiree, hi;
  2. bonsai, thereby, nearby, goodbye, descry, mcfly, brunei, deny, alee, ally, kanai, shanghai, hi-fi, apply, comply, reply, ac, albee, supply, dubai, awry, untie, iwai, imply, versailles, defy, good-bye, uy, decry, hereby, july, whereby, standby, mihai, abee, adee, alai, achee, imai, bye-bye, retry, rely, agree, belie;
  3. adoptee, amputee, abt, dui, misapply, addressee, amc, overfly, adoree, resupply, underlie, absentee;
  4. interviewee, oversupply, geac, cspi, lapd, isty, knbc, irit, hnat;
  5. dwi, awb;

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