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How To Spell vidal?

Correct spelling: vidal

List of misspellings for vidal:

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Vidal as a boy's name is pronounced vee-DAL. It is of Spanish and Latin origin, and the meaning of Vidal is "life-giving". Related to Vito. Several language groups (French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese) use Vidal as a surname or given name. Author Gore Vidal; hairstylist Vidal Sassoon.

Related words for vidal

Antonio Vidal Fernández


Cuban artist

Antonio Vidal Fernández was a Cuban artist. He was active in the fields of painting, drawing, engraving, graphic design, and sculpture. Between 1953 and 1955 he was a member of the Grupo "Los Once", Havana. In 1962 he was a founding member of the Taller Experimental de Gráfica de La Habana, Havana.

Jordi Martín


Spanish soccer player

Jordi Vidal Martín Rojas is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Gimnástica de Torrelavega as a midfielder.

Leoncio Vidal


Cuban revolutionary

Leoncio Vidal y Caro was a Cuban revolutionary that fought in the Cuban War of Independence. A colonel, he fell in battle in Santa Clara, Cuba. He is considered a hero in Cuba and the Parque Vidal in Santa Clara was named in his honor. Vidal was the uncle of General Emilio Mola.

Manuel Gual Vidal


Mexican jurist

Manuel Gual Vidal was a Mexican jurist and educator. In 1944 he served as rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and later secretary of public education.

Vidal Valley



Vidal Valley is a 20-mile long valley in the far eastern Colorado Desert bordering the Colorado River. Most of the valley is in eastern San Bernardino County, California, but the outfall on the Colorado River is in northeast Riverside County.

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Quotes for vidal:

  1. The whole book experience was a look into another world, the world of Gore Vidal and Norman Mailer.

Rhymes for vidal:

  1. gal, kal, shall, bal, val, thal, hal, pal, halle, sal, al, lal, kral, cal, dal;
  2. chagall, vitale, pascale, canal, corral, pascal, locale, morale, lasalle, royale, doral, duval;
  3. rationale, perceval, coval, chaparral;
  4. guadalcanal;
  5. internacional;

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