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How To Spell views?

Correct spelling: views

List of misspellings for views:

  • vuews,
  • vierfy,
  • viwes,
  • viewier,
  • viedios,
  • viedeos,
  • virsu,
  • verse1,
  • vewiers,
  • viewsd,
  • vuiew,
  • vidieos,
  • veiwd,
  • viceo,
  • wieghs,
  • vesse,
  • viewm,
  • videaos,
  • viewvers,
  • vuew,
  • viewrs,
  • vaious,
  • visers,
  • viurs,
  • wiew,
  • voew,
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What does the abbreviation views mean?

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Eight Views of Danyang


Tourist attraction in the Danyang County, South Ko

The Eight Views of Danyang are the selected natural scenes of Danyang County, Chungcheongbuk-do in Korea.

Eight Views of Korea


The Eight Views of Korea are a collection of the beautiful scenery of Korea, that are known today and that have been defined in the past. They were defined after the Eight Views of Xiaoxiang of the Song Dynasty of China.

Inner Views


Album by Sonny Bono

Inner Views is the only album by American singer Sonny Bono as a solo artist, released in November 1967 by Atco Records.

Newsweek Views the News


American television program

Newsweek Views the News is an American television program broadcast Mondays at 8pm ET on the DuMont Television Network. The series ran from 1948 to 1950.

Views On News


TV show

Views On News was a TV Show hosted by Pakistani journalist Dr. Shahid Masood. It was broadcast from ARY One World.

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This graph shows how "views" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for views:

  1. canoes, hews, peruse, fuse, hughes, infuse, reviews, sous, cues, dues, misuse, renews, spews, dews, cruz, ooze, glues, cruse, news, cruise, skews, boos, toulouse, shoes, roos, druze, goos, foos, pursues, snooze, muse, soos, suffuse, booze, reuse, druse, drews, choose, taboos, crews, recuse, tews, tattoos, enthuse, buse, refuse, stews, hues, jews, ques, loos, kruse, shrews, excuse, who's, moos, clews, meuse, twos, woos, clues, mews, whose, confuse, pews, kuse, ruse, coups, chuse, revues, joos, koos, bruise, luse, ewes, sues, tewes, transfuse, blues, miscues, oohs, defuse, queues, screws, schmooze, lose, ensues, mewes, use, brews, luiz;
  2. abuse, diffuse, bemuse, amuse, accrues, accuse;
  3. kangaroos, overuse, disabuse;

Translations for views:

Afrikaans word for Views


Dutch words for Views

blikken, opvattingen, standpunten, beelden, gezichten, inzichten, meningen, overzichten, weergaven, gedachten, visies, zienswijzen, uitzichten, aanzichten, opinies, bezichtigingen, bedoelingen, gezichtsvelden.

French words for Views

perspectives, vues, opinions, points de vue, positions, observations, dispositions, idées, panoramas, visions, angles, attitudes.

German words for Views

Avis, Gesinnung, Aufnahmen, Blicke, Ansichten, Aussichten, Ausblicke, Sichtweisen, Meinungen, Betrachtungen, Überblicke, Auffassungen, Standpunkte, Anblicke.

Polish words for Views

poglądy, zdanie, widoki.

Portuguese word for Views


Spanish words for Views

visitas, posturas, ideas, posiciones, conceptos, observaciones, opiniones, puntos de vista, visiones, impresiones, pareceres, dictámenes.