How To Spell vision?

Correct spelling: vision

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What does the abbreviation vision mean?

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What are the translations for vision?

Afrikaans words for Vision

droombeeld, droomgesig, gesig, gesigskerpte, in ’n droom sien, siening, verskyning, visioen, voor oë tower.

Arabic word for Vision


Chinese words for Vision

远景, 设想, 视觉, 远见.

Dutch words for Vision

zicht, visie, beeld, blik, zien, gezicht, zienswijze, verschijning, droomgezicht, gezichtsvermogen.

German words for Vision

Vorstellung, Sicht, Blick, sehen, Gesicht, Vision, Weitblick, Sehkraft, Sehvermögen, Weitsicht, Traumbild, Panorama.

Italian word for Vision


Japanese words for Vision

ビジョン, 視覚, ヴィジョン, 視, 空想, 夢想, おめ, 御目, 異象, げんえい, げんぞう, くうそう, 幻像, まぼろし, お目, 幻視.

Javanese word for Vision


Korean word for Vision


Malay word for Vision


Norwegian word for Vision


Polish words for Vision

obraz, wizja, widzenie.

Romanian word for Vision


Russian words for Vision

концепция, видение.

Spanish words for Vision

enfoque, idea, perspectiva, vista, mirada, imagen, sien, concepto.

Swedish word for Vision


Turkish word for Vision


Ukrainian word for Vision