How To Spell visit?

Correct spelling: visit

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What does the abbreviation visit mean?

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This graph shows how "visit" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for visit?

  1. revisit;

What are the translations for visit?

Afrikaans word for Visit


Arabic word for Visit


Chinese words for Visit

访, 前往, 探访, 上门, 拜, 望, 造访, 游览, 看望, 逛, 走访, 探看, 踏足.

Dutch words for Visit

bezoek, bezoeken, opzoeken, bij langsgaan, bezichtiging, visitatie, langskomen.

French words for Visit

rencontrer, consulter, visiter, rendre visite à, ver, venue, faire un tour.

German words for Visit

inspizieren, besuchen, Besichtigung, besichtigen, Gang, Inspektion, Besuch, aufsuchen, heimsuchen, bereisen, Visite, Vorsprache, Hausbesuch.

Greek word for Visit


Japanese words for Visit

訪れる, 訪れ, 参観, 訪ねる, おとずれ, 見に来る, みまう, 見にいく, みにくる, 見舞う, さしのぞく, 光臨, 差し覗く, 罷り越す, 見にくる, とぶらい, 訪う, さんかん, りんじょう, 訪い, たずねる, もうで, らいゆう, 遊びに来る, 臨場, 来臨.

Javanese word for Visit


Korean word for Visit


Malay word for Visit


Norwegian word for Visit


Polish word for Visit


Portuguese word for Visit


Russian words for Visit

посещение, визит, поездка.

Spanish words for Visit

ir, consultar, consulta, recorrido, visita, estancia.

Swedish word for Visit


Tamil word for Visit


Turkish word for Visit

ziyaret etmek.

Ukrainian word for Visit


Vietnamese word for Visit

thăm viếng.