How To Spell vivid?

Correct spelling: vivid

What is the definition of vivid?

  1. Vividness.

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What are the usage examples for vivid?

  1. It was so vivid so much a fact, that when the car stopped and he saw no one there, he was amazed once more to find himself alone.

What are the rhymes for vivid?

  1. livid;

What are the translations for vivid?

Afrikaans words for Vivid

intens, aanskoulike.

Chinese words for Vivid

形象, 栩栩, 鲜明, 真切, 传神, 水灵, 水灵灵, 鲜亮, 鲜烈, 生动的.

Dutch words for Vivid

scherp, levendig, helder.

French words for Vivid

vif, net, nette, vivant, vivante, éclatant, coloré, saisissant, vivantes, vivace, vivide.

German words for Vivid

klar, lebendig, leuchtend, hautnah, lebhaft, anschaulich, eindringlich, frappant, rege, lebensnah, bildhaft, plastisch, farbenfroh, bilderreich.

Greek word for Vivid


Japanese words for Vivid

鮮やか, 鮮明, 鮮烈, ビビッド, ヴィヴィッド, 躍如, ありあり, やくじょ, せんれつ, せんれい, せんめい, 鮮麗, 鮮やかな.

Javanese word for Vivid


Korean word for Vivid


Malay word for Vivid


Portuguese word for Vivid


Romanian word for Vivid


Spanish words for Vivid

fuerte, intenso, brillante, vivo, despierto, realista, vívido, vívidas, vívidos.

Swedish words for Vivid

fel, livlig.